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HYIP News | March 27

Hey guys. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, the past several weeks were real "Black December" for the HYIP industry because as we said before 7 programs went to SCAM listing within just 7 days, but there are of course newly added programs too... Read more..

HYIP News | March 20

Hey guys, this new business week is one of the worst weeks in HYIP industry, do you know why? Because 7 (!) programs have been moved to SCAM listings due to pending requests for more than 24 hours and selective payments. Sometime, I have a fe... Read more..

DLB Global Review

Hello all, today we are going to introduce and make a review of another Premium class program that was added to our listing not so much time ago. From the beginning, we want to say that admin put a lot of content there, you will find a lot of... Read more..

HYIP News | March 13

Hey guys. Today is Monday and it's time to send and dispatch another portion of fresh news from the HYIP industry. Nothing serious has happened for the past week, several admins started their new programs but they are in Read more..

CMETrades Limited Review

Hey guys. Another new day, another new and honest review arrived. This time we will talk about a brand-new program that was added to Premium listing just a week ago. As usual we will discuss its investment plans and conditions, affiliate and ... Read more..

Strange Event Review

Hello all. Goodbye mama I am flying to Yokohama, do you think it’s a strange song for somebody? Strange song will be replaced by honest review of Strange Event (No guys, don’t think that I am flying or preparing something strange). We are goi... Read more..

TOP5 HYIP Programs of February

Hey all. Today is Monday, a first day of a new business week and it's time to post updated reviews and introductions of the TOP5 performers of February. Some of programs did an impressive improvements, some of them just sent some newsletters ... Read more..

Tea House Review

Hey everybody, guess what? Right, we are going to review, talk, publish and drink some tea from the mountains regions of Sri Lanka, hot and tasty. No don't think that we lose our minds, we are just talking about brand new program that was add... Read more..

RichmondBerks Review

Hey guys, like some of members like to say “Monday is a hard day”, we can’t neither agree nor disagree with this statement, it’s really hard to start a new business week after weekend, isn’t it? But not for us because HYIP industry never slee... Read more..