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Carbon7 Review

20 June, 2015


Today at we wrote a review for Carbon7 - a digital funds distribution platform in the lucrative field of carbon & its sub-products. Carbon7's platform isn't directly connected to any management firms, nor involving its members with trading or communication with investment brokers. As usual we will review its investment plans, affiliate program, advertising budget, customer support, script, server & web design, and security features so our readers will have enough information about Carbon7.

  • Investment Plans:

Carbon7 a digital funds distribution platform and free opportunity to earn money online has several investment plans to offer to current and future investors. Once you sign up for their free membership and after you’ve logged in to your memberaccount area, you can deposit $25-$250,000 to get started by clicking on the “Invest” button in the navigation menu.

Currently, Carbon7 is paying 7% Daily for 30 days, or 110% total return after 7 days. Manually Compoundable. Choose the right investment plan for you, click on payment method button and post the desired amount and click on “Confirm Investment” button. Starting from that moment you will take full opportunity of making money online. Previously we said about compounding, if you do not know what that means let us describe it below:

Compounding is the ability of an asset to generate earnings, which are then reinvested in order to generate their own earnings. In other words, compounding refers to generating earnings from previous earnings. Example: you invest $1000 with 50% compounding to 3% daily, so $1.5 will go to your investment and $1.5 to account balance for withdrawing.

Payout is made 7 days a week and supports all major types of payment systems, including PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Bank-wire, Payza and SolidTrustPay. The last two payment gateways are not used in the industry often. Administration did a great job integrating them and more clients outside High Yield Investment business will join them. Payments are made manually by the administration and it may take upto 48 business hours to process your withdrawal request.

RATING: httpwwwhyipscomgfxiconsadminr_4gif

  • Affiliate Program:

Carbon7 does support referral program and has a commission to reward active investors who will bring new members to it. As a reward, members receive 5% of the active deposit(s) made by invited person.

Just like with most investment sites, signing up for their affiliate program is free and easy. After sign up, download one of their catchy and attractive banners from “Affiliates” section of your members account area, and spread the message on your website/blog, external forums and social media profiles with your referral link. Please note that SPAMMING with referral links almost everywhere is forbidden by most forum/blog administrators and you can be banned for it.

RATING: httpwwwhyipscomgfxiconsadminr_4gif

  • Advertising Budget:

Carbon7 is listed in about 25(!) monitoring websites and all of them are showing “PAYING” sign, which means that by the time of writing this review, it is really paying to all of its members, but please do not forget to check frequently All hyip monitors link at the right corner of each program to determine whether program pays to all of its members or just selected ones.

As you might already know, Carbon7 administration added site to Premium listing and we clearly think that its admin spent hundreads of dollars on SEO and reviews already to bring his program to new heights of promotional and advertising campaign. It means that he has big plans to stay here in this industry for a long time. We want to wish him good luck and best wishes.

RATING: httpwwwhyipscomgfxiconsadminr_5gif

  • Support:

Carbon7 Investment company has responsive support team. Tickets were being answered just within several minutes from time when we sent our first ticket to them to test their system.

If you need any additional information about the company and the terms of cooperation, you can always refer to F.A.Q page, contact them using support ticket system or by e-mail address. Unfortunately, they don’t have telephone number. Live chat option is missing too for now but they are developing to bring it to clients as soon as possible. Lets hope it won’t take much time.

RATING: httpwwwhyipscomgfxiconsadminr_4gif

  • Script, Security & Web Design:

Carbon7 is using fully customized and unique script with many options in members account area. Investment plans are slot based so there is separate option for every slot. this feature is a lot more useful if you wish to take split your deposit between the different plans. It’s also handy if you want to just test the system, and start with a small deposit to see just how things work.

Carbon7 is hosted on a dedicated server with the support of and protection from malicious attacks and SQL injections provided by BlockDOS, and for an extra layer of protection there’s a Green Bar SSL encrypted connection by Comodo to help protect members and investors from identity theft and make connections to the server as much secure as possible.

The web design of the site is simple without heavy flash animations and very bright colors. The first time we landed on the site, we’re mesmerized by its beauty and refreshing color combos with dark-gray and red colors.

RATING: httpwwwhyipscomgfxiconsadminr_5gif

To make the final summary, Carbon7 is unique and very well prepared investment program. With its smart advertising campaign, awesome technical and customer support service has all chances to become the next big hit of an online industry of 2015 year. But you should always remember the default rule: Program is good while it is paying and please do not forget that it is High Yield Investment Program, therefor nobody can predict what will or may happen tomorrow. As always our advice to our readers is to start investing with small sums like $25-100 from the beginning and raise investments by little.

Thank you for reading Carbon7 review.

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