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CryptoInstant Interview

21 April, 2018


Hey guys, hope you are doing great. We just received all answers from CryptoInstant admin, and we are going to share it as soon as possible with you. Program was added to Premium and later promoted to Sticky listing position by an admin, he also purchased static banner for several weeks. Site legend says that CryptoInstant Limited offers an array of investment products. Their primary focus is on rapid-growth markets with an emphasis on Bitcoin and associated cryptocurrencies. We will do a review soon, but as for now, you can read an interesting interview and make some final decisions, so here we go guys:

1. Hello admin, Please introduce yourself to the readers of blog

Dear readers, my name is Oliver Seems, I’m a system administrator of the site of Cryptoinstant Limited

2. Please tell us more about your program. When it was launched and how many days you were preparing it?

The online investment project began its work on April 2, 2018. Our programmers began work on the creation of the site in mid-2017. During that period, our financial department carried out work on the company’s legalization, opening an office, hiring additional personnel and obtaining all permits for financial activities in the UK.

3. Please explain us the investment plans in detail. What are the minimum and maximum amounts to invest?

We offer 3 investment plans to our investors. According to the first plan, the minimum and maximum amounts of deposits are 0.001BTC and 5BTC correspondingly with a daily return of 10% of the deposit amount. According to the second plan, the minimum and maximum deposit amounts are 5.001BTC and 30BTC correspondingly with a daily return of 12% of the deposit amount. And according to the third plan, the minimum and maximum deposit amounts are 30.001BTC and 300BTC correspondingly with a daily return of 15%. In 100 days after the deposit is opened, the deposit shall be closed and the deposit amount shall be returned to the investor. The withdrawal of profit is possible at any time 7 days a week; the withdrawal occurs instantly in automatic mode, the maximum transaction amount is not more than 5BTC in one operation. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.0003BTC. We pay all transaction fees to the customer, so the withdrawal shall not be liable to any fee for any investor.

4. What payment options are you currently accepting? Are you looking to add more payment options?

We’ve already been asked about this. We are a company that is engaged in mining only bitcoins. We accepted no other methods for making deposits except in bitcoins, and we don’t plan to introduce any other methods in the future.

5. How high is the level of security of your site? What do you do to take protect against hacking and DDoS attacks?

The security of our site is at the highest level and meets all international standards of modern Internet banking. Our site is located on its own high-security server with multi-level protection against DDoS attacks and any other possible attacks on the server and database. We use only licensed software on our server with all the latest security updates. The site has EV SSL certificate from Comodo providing a secure connection, and it’s issued specifically to our company with confirmation that we are an officially registered company in the UK and have a confirmed office, telephone number and carry out official and authorized activities in the UK.

6. Please tell us more about your sites. Is it licensed and non-modified or is it a custom-written one?

We use licensed, highly reliable software tested by years of work on the security and tamper resistance of code from the leading software vendor in the online investment market.

7. What have been the most common questions and problems you've had to deal with so far?

You may not believe it, but our work is so smoothly running that we have no difficulties and problems. The system works like a clock, and the work of our project doesn’t stop for a minute and has long-term plans for several years ahead.

8. What exactly are you doing with investors money? How are you investing it?

A part of our department produces high-risk operations for bitcoin purchase and sale, and another main part of the company is engaged in the creation and launch of high-performance farms for mining bitcoin. We invest The most of the investors’ money in buying ant miner and renting premises for installation of equipment and mining crypto-currencies. Our farms are located in India and China. The company is registered in the UK, this is due to the optimization of taxes.

9. What is the method you are using to attract investors?

We use advertising on many financial portals dedicated to online investment, crypto-news and general financial topics. Many investors join us on the recommendation of those who already receive income from investing in our project as well. Some investors are attracted by our partners in their referral links, as we have our own three-level referral program. For invited referrals of the first level, we offer a reward of 5% of the amount invested by each referral involved.

10. And finally is there anything else you want to say not covered in this interview?

If you invest in crypto currencies and we prefer to invest a part of your investment portfolio in buying bitcoins, then we recommend doing it right now, as according to our traders’ estimate, the bottom has already been passed and by the beginning of summer, the bitcoin price can reach $ 15,000 for a token, and by the new year, we expect an increase to $30,000 per bitcoin. And we will help you to multiply your digital assets and by the summer you can increase your income several times, the main thing is to do everything in advance. We wish you good luck in the financial market.

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