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DLB Global Review

14 March, 2017


Hello all, today we are going to introduce and make a review of another Premium class program that was added to our listing not so much time ago. From the beginning, we want to say that admin put a lot of content there, you will find a lot of video presentations, images, guides, news, press releases and other stuff. Prepare some coffee or tea, sit back, turn some nice music on and let’s begin the show. Allow us to present: DLB Global Limited or also known as DLBGL. As usual we are going to review sites investment plans, affiliate program, advertising budget, support team, script and server security. Is it really worth to take a closer look? We think yes and this is why:

  • Investment Plans:

DLB Global Limited has developed many residential apartments, independent and semi-independent houses, commercial complexes and more. It has earned a reputation of value and innovation in building homes and condominiums that offer a great lifestyle in desirable neighborhoods (This is a site legend). When you will open their webpage, don’t be shocked with its content, we must admit that admin did his best to introduce the program in the best way possible. Don’t be scared and first option to do is to take a closer look to content, read it and make some investigations for yourself first. Never invest your hard-earned money without investigation or asking basic questions. To begin with, DLB Global Limited offers 3 different investment plans to choose from. First Association plan will offer 3% daily for 60 days the minimum amount to start investing is $10, and the maximum is 10,000. The second plan also known as Advanced Package offers just 1% daily but for 250 days, amounts to deposit are taken from the first plan. The third plan is called DLB Short movie project, it offers from 104% to 112% after 10 days and the minimum to invest is $10 and the maximum is $20,000.

Ready to make a deposit? First of all, you need to register an active account there. To do so, click on “Sign Up” button and fill-in your login credentials, tick that box and agree to their “Terms and conditions” and click on “Register Account” button again. You are good to go, from now you are an official member of DLB Global Limited. Now, to make a deposit and start making some money, all you have to do is to navigate to “Make Deposit” button, choose that investment plan, amount to spend and payment gateway, follow the instructions on the next page, re-check everything carefully and hit “Spend” green button again. The first profit will appear after 24 hours exactly, of course if you didn’t make a deposit to “After expiry” plan. Program supports many popular payment gateways like: PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Bitcoin, OKPay and NixMoney. We were surprised when we couldn’t find any signs of Payeer. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly and this is a big plus to program. This option will help admin to promote his program to new heights.

  • Affiliate Program:

An investment program is not a program without an affiliate program (This sentence sounds great, right?). If you don’t want to invest your own hard earned money to the site, their affiliate program is created for you. Start promoting it and earn some extra cash for yourself, friends or family. You can also promote it on popular social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. But please always remember our advice to not spam forums or blogs with your links, it may result in permanent bans.

You just need to login and find the “Referral Banners” page, there you will find a promotional material to start earning some free money for yourself. Don’t forget to read their “Marketing Concept” where admin and his team are talking about how to promote the program correctly. It’s a useful information btw. You can take a look at video presentation from your member account area where they claiming that they created a short movie “Chicken Biryani”, well of course we have some doubts that they have relations to it for real. You can visit their Events, Get Started and Videos pages and take a closer look at some of them. We don’t know what they did but everything looks professional.

  • Advertising Budget:

At this moment, DLG Global Limited is listed in every popular and established monitoring website. It has been reviewed, and discussed on popular HYIP forums too. All monitoring sites (24!) have listed it as a “PAYING” investment program with a payout ratio of 20% - 40%.

With smart advertising campaign and customer support, we are pretty sure that this program will have all chances to become something more than just Premium program. As we said previously, threads about the program is opened on popular forums and blogs. Admin is doing everything possible to stay in the industry and spread the word about his program to as many investors as possible. We want to wish him good luck.

  • Support:

Default HYIP industry rule says that Premium class program needs premium class tools to protect its Premium quality. It has all features for this. If you have some questions or want to chat with customer support team directly without reading some paperwork or basic frequently asked questions section, you should land on a “Contact Us” page. Program has all features to satisfy client needs. Live chat is available almost all day and night.

F.A.Q. page will answer on most common questions and will guide newbie member through registration process. Have some questions? Feel free to contact their team by either using ticket system, e-mail address or telephone number. We are not going to include their address to this review because we both know that all these scanned papers are worthless, don’t rely too much on them if admin will send you some examples. They have also included a lot of registered addresses all around the globe, just don’t pay much attention on that. It has started its own representative program, where people from all around the world can join it and begin promoting DLB Global Limited investment company to new heights. All you have to do is to send to their e-mail your details and wait for a reply, but note that there are some requirements from you.

  • Script, Security & Web Design:

DLB Global Limited company is allocating its power "out from the crowd" when we are talking and discussing its technical aspects. It is hosted on a dedicated server from Easy-Geo-DNS which loads pages really quick and can handle multiple user requests at any given time. It is using licensed GoldCoders script, It has genuine SSL from COMODO, the certificate will expire in 359 days and site design is unique made by not very professional designer, because some images have very low resolution and it may hurt your eyes sometimes.

DLBGL with professional team, friendly user-interface and instant withdrawal system will have a chance to take its own high place in the industry, it will take some time to do so. But please do not forget that it is High Yield Investment Program, therefor nobody can predict what will or may happen tomorrow. As always, our advice to our readers is to start investing with little sums like $10-100 from the beginning and raise investments by little.

Thank you for reading DLB Global Limited review.

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