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Review of H-Script – A Reliable HYIP Script

08 August, 2014


H-Script Review

Here is an honest review of the “script” used by the HYIP admin today – H-Script, or HS script.

H-script has been active in the HYIP market for more than 3 years. Since the launch of its initial version and its updated version (that we’re now using), a lot of changes and updates have been made, which basically means that its developers are doing everything possible to keep things updated.

HS is reliable, fully-functional, and user-friendly script on the Internet today. The script is updated automatically which gives HYIP admin good protection against online hackers. The program is fully-functional script. Online investment process such as registering, logging into account, making a deposit, payment and withdrawal processing, charging of daily profits and bonuses are extremely fast and easy. The interface design is both attractive and user-friendly.

Three (3) years ago, the HYIP script was created by experienced programmers to allow HYIP admin to offer their investment plans for online users. During this time, the H-script claims to have made several improvements and updates in their script and also a new version of the script was created for the Trust Management programs.

In early November, 2013, Artweb, a popular web studio  acquired the site for $20,000. The web studio started to do heavy development and marketing of the H-script. The programmer who developed the H-script is now currently serving as a head of the Division of Engineering in Artweb.

H-Script New Website

H-script recently launched its new website with a new design, forums, news, and blog sections, which are frequently updated. The price of the new H-script is $100 per package, which includes free script installation on hosting company (You can download the FREE CMS from the H-script site).

The new site offers several services to online users. For example, website users can check the script license online, or they could download manuals to learn how to use the script. Online demo of the user interface and admin dashboard lets users see the script in action before purchasing the product.

The site has a forum where topics are openly discussed, frequently updated, and published timely on all matters issues related with H-script and its use.

HYIP admin do not need to have a programming knowledge to implement the script. Most of the difficult steps, including installations and configuration are done by the H-script professionals.

H-Script design

About the H-Script

After reading testimonials of happy customers, we found that it is possible to install H-script either individually or at once. Setting up of HYIP plans, referral programs (including the multi-level ones), and investor’s account can be done easily by the HYIP admin, without any prior programming knowledge.

HS script is an open code, which basically makes it easier for developers to change, fix, and edit the code without prior permission from the owner.

Referral Program and Investment Plans Setup

The referral program can be setup by three (3) different options. You need to specify the name of the parameter in the referral link (“ref”)  to enable the referral program. If you don’t specify, the referral program won’t work. H-script supports the following three types to run on your HYIP program:

  1. Deposit bonus is paid after the investor makes deposit on any of the investment plans offered.
  2. Funding account bonus is paid whenever an investor funds his account
  3. Calculations bonus is paid from the referral total profit

Likewise, HYIP admin can also setup individual referral program for each investment plan. This comes handy when HYIP programs will use plans such as daily payouts or paid-upon-expiry.

Investment plans can be setup by several methods. One of the most common ways to setup an investment plans is to make some of them “invisible.” Making plans invisible allows HYIP admin to enable special plans for certain group of investors or for HYIP monitors.

There’s also a provision to specify deposit bonus, which comes in handy during HYIP plan promotion or if the admin decides to add bonus for every single deposit made by investor/members.

Besides all these, custom settings allows HYIP admin to specify profit calculation on business/calendar days, calculation period daily/hourly, interest rate to be fixed/fluctuate, principal amount to be returned or not after expiry. Likewise, compounding option, the option to allow additional investments, and the option for premature principal withdrawal can be specified during H-script setup.

Payment Systems

As of writing this review, H-Script supports thirty (30) different payments gateways – majority of these payment processors supports “automatic” deposits and withdrawals.

H-script allows its admin to select the type of investor’s account: automatic or manual. Both maximum and minimum amounts for withdrawals can be easily specified from the back-end and the mode of withdrawal for each of these payment processors can also be chosen individually. Withdrawals can be either automatic, where requests are processed immediately, or manual, where withdrawals requests made by the customers has to be approved by the admin.

Changing Investor’s Account and Balance

There is another important settings admin can change through H-Script cPanel – i.e. changing investor’s account and balance.

For account’s security, changing of personal data can be prevented. “Fast” registration option can be enabled using third-party services such as Facebook, which is usually preferred by a lot of members. Of course, ‘registration’ can be put on hold, terminated, or re-enabled, anytime the admin decides to.

H-script has an option to check multiple registrations by the same user, a very useful feature for a HYIP admin to prevent frauds and spammers, by specifying parameters that will check for user’s IP and cookies files.

Likewise, HYIP admin can also specify the minimum requirements for the registration process. For example, they can specify the minimum username and password length, password formats (letters only, letter and numbers only, letters, number, and wild characters, etc).

H-script also allows for double opt-in registration, where verification link in sent in the e-mail and the user has to click the link to complete the registration process. Or, it could be disabled, allowing members to proceed to their account immediately after registration.

Last but not the least, H-Script also gives admin an opportunity to play with the investor’s balance. For example, admin can add or deduct funds, request the payout, open or close deposit for investors, choose the payment systems type, calculate referral bonuses, among other tasks.

Customer Support

H-Script developers have invested a lot of time, energy, and resources to provide excellent Customer Care feature to their clients. The Ticket system has been recently added to the site, enabling support staffs to see all open tickets.

The testimonial sections has been updated too. Through the admin area, HYIP admin can comment on testimonials, edit, or even remove them if found inappropriate. Likewise, HYIP admin can also post weekly news on their site through the cPanel and send the news to their subscriber’s list in just few click of a button.

Likewise, the FAQ section can be manually changed and updated, making it easier to answer and address frequently asked questions or issues the website users may have. Not to mention, there are also option to setup internal mailing list, send SMS notifications to members, and basically provide all types of statistics of the project.

Need to Purchase H-Script? Need Customer Support?

H-Script Price

In order to use H-Script, you need to buy a license, which costs only $100. This license is only for one domain though. If you need licenses for more domains, you’ll have to purchase further new licenses. Ordering and buying license is possible through Perfect Money (account U1263001), as mentioned in the FAQ section of the H-Script newly launched website. If you’d like to purchase H-Script license using other payment processors, you will need to contact the support through:

If you need technical assistance or have any questions related with H-script, you should contact the technical support team at:

We hope that you found this review both interesting and helpful. If there’s anything you need to know about H-script and how to use it on your HYIP site, we highly suggest that you contact support staffs using any of the methods mentioned above. We hope that the information provided in this review has been helpful for both HYIP investors and admin.


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