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HYIP News | Aimvestment Review

10 April, 2017

Hey guys. Monday arrived and today it's time to publish another portion of some good news and some bad ones. Unfortunately, the past several weeks were a disaster for the HYIP industry, all known and probably the biggest hits were either closed, hacked or something like this. We are not even talking about FinanceTrade program that was added to listing 4 days ago and scammed 3 days later (Admin cmon, run away from the industry if you don't know how to manage a program). Sometimes we think that all professional admins are on their vacations and they let their grandpas and grandmas to manage their programs. Anyway, let's start from the good news. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome: Aimvestment a brand new program that has been added to Premium listing 3 days ago and we hope we will not announce anything bad for the past several months about this program isn't it?

Aimvestment is a group of traders who have experience of more than 8 years. Armed with this experience, they want to expand their business by inviting investors to join the program and start making money by doing an activities in Forex, local business and other markets and firms (This is a site legend). This program has four investment plans to choose from. Plan 1: min 0.2% - max 1.25% per workday. Total Payback 120% - Plan 2: min 0.2% - max 1.4% per workday. Total Payback 130% - Plan 3: min 0.2% - max 1.6% per workday. Total Payback 140% - VIP Plan: min 0.2% - max 2% per workday. Total Payback 150%. Note from the beginning that you need to invest money to your account wallet first, and then make a deposit to plan. To do so, just login to your created account, press on "Wallet" button, choose your wallet and amount, hit on "Complete" button. After that, navigate to "Investment" page, choose suitable plan for you, enter desired amount and click "Make deposit". Withdrawal requests are processed instantly, the program is still in "Waiting" listing because we didn't get our first profit yet, as you know program pays on business days only. Have some more questions about program or anything else? Don't forget to log out first simply because you won't find any support options there if you are signed in. Support page has only default ticket system and nothing else. Technical aspects are good. Site is using custom version of surfscriptpro, it is hosted on a dedicated server and has a valid SSL certificate issued by Starfield Secure Certificate Authority - G2 or also known as GoDaddy. With smart advertising campaign this program has some chances to become something interesting, but please do not forget about HYIP rules.

These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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