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HYIP News | Caribbean Dream Review

25 November, 2018


Hey guys and girls, how was your Black Friday? We hope that you bought some stuff either from online store using your credit cards or through official terminals. Some not very honest admins were preparing to celebrate this day a long time before it. For the past week, many programs have been moved to Scam and Problem listings and these are: BTC Pro, Multi Coin, JoinCounterBid and Splitt. This last one was one of the biggest programs for the past few months, suddenly admin stopped processing some of requests and now he is saying that everything will be OK and that they are deploying some new ASIC miners somewhere in Tibet, don't listen to them and do not make any deposits there, it is a trap.

While some programs are announced as dead projects, other admins are adding their new babies to our listings with ease. Doubly is a successful AI-oriented Crypto-trading company. Their solutions are complex, automated and using the market’s leading self-learning trading program, which aims at high profits within a short period of time. AI gives them the prospect of hundreds of correct trading decisions in matters of seconds. Inquantum is an investment quantum fund based on artificial intelligence technologies. All investment decisions are made automatically based on mathematical models. The fund aims to identify undervalued assets, optimize the share of certain assets in the investment portfolio and determine the best time to invest in various stocks and other areas, while ensuring high profitability. Guys don't forget that these are site legends and they have nothing to do with real business. Today we want to publish new, fresh and honest review about site that is getting more popular and bigger almost everyday. Program admin purchased banner spaces and his promotional campaign has started officially so here we go:

Do you remember your childhood? When you were dreaming to become a pirate and fight against the Spanish during the early 17th Century? Your dream may come true. Caribbean Dream or also known as Pirates LTD is as old program as Moses Cohen Henriques. It was added to Basic listing 144 days ago and program admin started an active promotional campaign now. Site legend says that the company Caribbean Dream is at the head of the investment holding, which includes more than a dozen subsidiaries, and the former captain of a snow-white little sailboat now manages an entire flotilla of ships capable of repelling the sea devil himself. Before making a deposit, you need to create an account. The registration process is free, fast and very simple. Just click on Sign Up button, fill in your credentials such as your username, valid e-mail address, strong and unique password (Always use unique passwords), read their rules and agreements, post some numbers to prove that you are a human and not just bottle of whiskey, and click on Open My Account button. Account should be created instantly and starting from now on, you are an official member of pirate community. To make a deposit, login to your newly created account and press on Make Deposit button. Pirates LTD will offer two investment plans to choose from. Plan #1 Bitcoin Pirate offers 1% daily for 20 business days, all investments here must be made using Bitcoin, Plan #2 Pirate Plan offers same 1% daily for 20 business days but investments must be made using PerfectMoney payment gateway. Withdrawal requests are processed manually within 72 hours, but admin is processing them faster.

If you don't want to spend your own money, but still want to earn some extra bucks for yourself, Pirates LTD has an affiliate program. Grab your referral link, attractive banners and start promoting it using your social media profile on Facebook, Google and Twitter, just don't spam. The partner reward is accrued at your account automatically, after the account balance of the invited participants is replenished through payment gateway. The amount of reward may depend on your status in the system, by default you will receive 1%. Please also note that creation of multiple accounts from one computer or IP address without prior approval and written permission from administration is regarded as fraudulent activity and causes not only blocking the account but also penal fine, the amount of which is determined by administration and can be up to 100% of invested funds. At this moment, Pirates LTD is monitored by 26 well known and established monitoring websites. All of them are listing it as Paying and we don't have any bad reports, so everything should be fine. If you will have questions, feel free to contact admin and his team by going to their support page, not many options there but still it is OK. Technical aspects are great here. Pirates LTD is using custom written script that costs thousands of US Dollars, it is hosted on a dedicated server provided by CloudFlare Technologies, and it also has genuine and valid SSL certificate issued by GeoTrust EV, this certificate will expire in 339 days. To make a final summary, this program looks great and has amazing design, I am a huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean and Pirates LTD reminds me that movie. But don't forget that it is HYIP and all these programs will disappear sooner or later, so think twice before making an investment. Good luck guys.

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