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HYIP News | Consider These Things Before Investing

10 September, 2018

Hey guys. How was your weekend? Hope that you spent time with friends and family and not with guys that are creating a program, adding them here and running away after several days. We are talking about Blue Spot LTD, this one was added to Premium listing just five days ago and we are moving it from Waiting to Scam listing directly, due to confirmed bad report and pending withdrawal request for more than 48 hours. While no new programs have been added to listings, RadoVision and Grailum LTD are doing great and are becoming more and more popular among our users. We will publish detailed reviews about these programs within coming week so do subscribe and stay tuned. Once upon a time, we've started a news cycle about HYIP Industry and how to earn some extra bucks from it. People sent some emails with grateful messages and thanked us for all these information. We want to say Thank you too guys and girls for staying with us. We will continue our cycle today, and will publish some fresh news for you. Are you ready? Here we go:

Are you trying to invest in HYIP site? Here are some time-tested and proven rules (strategies) you need to consider before you make an investment decision and stay away from “scam artists.”

What is HYIP? HYIP, or High Yield Investment Program, is one of the investment vehicles where investors make money by investing in high yield and high risk market. In HYIP programs, investors from around the world collaborate and invest money and share profits later. Most established HYIP sites pay their investors on a daily, weekly, and sometimes, even on monthly basis, online. But making money through HYIP program isn’t an easy walk in the park, though. While most first-time investors either lack proper investment funding, others simply do not have right tools and proper knowledge to make it big in this type of investment market. In addition, there are a lot of “scammers” who are only interested to steal your money as soon as possible and as much as they can.

Consider these things to ensure you’ll make better decisions and find the right program that fits your needs.

  • Online Support. Once you’re on a HYIP site, check to see if they have an established customer support service for investors. A well-established and serious HYIP site will have contact numbers, online ticket system, quick contact options - e-mail, contact forms, online chat, etc - prominently displayed on their site. Other HYIP sites will also likely have their representatives from around the world.
  • Online security. A good HYIP site puts importance to online security. They often have a well-established system to protect against DDoS attacks. Others use SSL / EV SSL certificate to offer a secure place for online transactions. For example, paying HYIP sites have a secure page(s) (with a “padlock sign” at the taskbar) that are secure to conduct online payments. Also check if the site is verified with the Merchant. For example, PerfectMoney always shows Verified / Not Verified message while a user is depositing his or her funds to program
  • Copyright Info. Next, check to see if the HYIP site is copyrighted. Do they have a link to a copyright page visible on every web page on their site? If not, you must be cautious. Other thing to consider is the copyright info. Does the year exceed the current year. For example, do you see “Copyright @ 2016-2019?”
  • Web Copy Errors. You found a HYIP site on Google. You read through their description and it compelled you to click through the search result. Now, you’re reading the home page content to know more about “who they are” and “what they offer.” Suddenly, you spot a spelling error, “Invseetment” on the headline. Would not you be cautious spending your hard-earned money here? There are plenty of junk sites that have poorly written copy - with disorganized content that only seems to confuse the readers. If this is the case, look somewhere else.
  • Weekly News Updates. An active HYIP site always has interesting things to share with their investors and members. An outdated and scam site, on the other hand, doesn’t have anything new to say because do not like to stay active. Read the website’s “news” section to ensure they’re publishing fresh news and updates to their members, every week or month. A HYIP site that sends weekly newsletters to their members is a good indication for you. They always like to keep their investors and members with up-to-date market news, trends, and best tips and strategies to help their members make even better investment decisions. But on the other hand be careful. Sending emails very frequently is a bad sign, in most cases, it means that program admin is running out of money and he is doing his best to attract and force newly registered members to make a deposit as soon as possible by promising to return "Blue Mountains" for them.
  • Social Network. Do you know why some HYIP site do not care to open a free account on most popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Because they aren’t for a long haul and they do not want to spend their time on these stuff. On the other hand, a paying HYIP sites do have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and they do have an admin to manage their accounts, too.

Although there are plenty of things you need to consider before investing in HYIP program, these tips will help you identify a paying HYIP program.

Remember that HYIP or also known as High Yield Investment Program is a game. HYIP admins ARE NOT investing your money to Forex, Gold, Crude Oil, Crypto-Currencies etc. They are waiting for new deposits, to process your withdrawal request and these cycles will end once there will be not enough income. So, always think twice before investing your hard earned money. These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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