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HYIP News | FairMining Review

11 May, 2018


Hey guys. What can we say today? HYIP Industry is recovering slowly and is getting back to normal mode. For the past week, two programs have been moved to Scam listings but not five and seven like it was before, of course one program will replace another, this is the nature of the industry and you need to get used to it. We were about to publish a review about Crypto Boom but seems that admin spent too much money on ads and disappeared. Coin Grows processed fake withdrawal requests thinking that we will move it back to Paying (Maybe admin thinks that we are drunk sailors to believe to such tricks), and promised that everything will be alright who knows when. So guys, do not invest there too. These two programs are officially dead. As for the good news, another ICO project has been added to Premium listing a week ago. CryptoLux and site legend says that is a financial payment self-standing network, specifically created for the independent users, offering fast and secure transactions. Many users asked us what is ICO exactly, we will try to explain it now: ICO is an Initial Coin Offer, imagine for a second that someone offers investors some units of a new cryptocurrency or crypto-token in exchange against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. For example, I am starting PaulCoin currency, giving it an initial name like PLC, and instead I am asking users to send me some Ethereum or Bitcoins and promising that PLC will become the greatest coin in the history where exchange rate will be something like 90 Bitcoins for just 1 PLC. Guys, this is just an example what ICO is, but be careful with all these ICO projects. All ICO that are or will be added here or presented in the HYIP industry are HYIP Games. But today we want to talk about another promising program that offers cloud mining and stuff, want to find out more information about it? Let's get started:

FairMining or also known as FM, has been added to Premium listing 23 days ago, and only now it is getting more popular among our readers. Site legend says that FM is a new, convenient, easy-to-use client portal for the simultaneous extraction of well-known and highly profitable crypto-currencies. Their service offers a multi-level profitability system from 1 to 3% per day and a bonus program for partners. It's not complicated to start investing there at all. Before talking about plans, you need to create an account there. The registration process is very simple and free. Just click on To Begin button, enter your username, valid e-mail address, strong and unique (Yes guys, always use unique passwords per program), check that box and confirm that you are not a robot and click on Sign Up button. This is it, within several seconds you will become an official member of FairMining investment company. Now, before making a new deposit you need to know that site has built-in hidden miner, nothing to worry about, just your CPU will be loaded if it has less than 2 cores at least. Once site will be closed from your browser, CPU will get back to normal state. The deposit process won't take much time. After logging-in to your member account area, navigate to Replenish page, choose your favorite payment system, enter an amount and click on Replenish button again, follow further instructions and if everything has been done correctly, your deposit will appear in your member account area within several seconds. FM offers flexible plans, you will earn from 30% to 90% per month, depending on the size of your investment. Principal is included to daily payments, just don't forget to set percentage slider to 200% and system will calculate all your daily and monthly earnings instead of you. The minimum amount to start investing is $1, BTC 0.001, LTC 0.1, DOGE 1000 and above, the minimum amount to request is $1, BTC 0.002, LTC 0.1, DOGE 3000. Program is supporting many popular payment gateways such as: PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly but in some cases it may take a while. During withdrawal request, double check if provided information is correct, script is not saving an information about payment gateways, you'll have to fill it on your own each time. If you don't want to invest your own money, you can promote them using some tools. Grab your referral link and promotional banners from Partners page and start promoting FairMining using social media platforms like Facebook, Google or Twitter. It supports multi level referral program and you will receive 7% as a reward from your first level referrals and again 7% from amount of Gh/s purchased by your partner. Also, you will receive 5Gh/s as a bonus for each new user if he or she will register an account using your referral link. Just don't Spam for too much. Support options is weak here, there is no chance to visit their support page. The only thing you can do is to contact program admin by e-mail, that's it. I hope he will integrate as much options to communicate as possible. Nothing is said about their company as well. Technical side is good. FM is using custom modified script, it has genuine and valid SSL issued by COMODO CA, the certificate will expire in 356 days, site is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by CloudFlare Technologies. Well guys, while probably the biggest hits of months were moved to Scam listing, this one is still here with us and seems that member support is increasing. As we said before in chat, the main thing for the program is to avoid huge deposits. With enough stable and steady income, this program has chances to become something more than just a "Basic" Premium class program. Wish you all good luck and see you soon.

These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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