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HYIP News | February 15

15 February, 2017

Hello all. Today we are going to introduce a brand new program that has been added to Premium listing 9 days ago and promoted to Sticky listing almost immediately. By some rumors, this program is managed by one of few legendary admins from MLM business, of course it means nothing and you should not rely on the rumors, but on the other hand that guys have one of the hugest promotional campaign I ever saw. Their promoters are working almost day and night to bring their program and introduce it to as much audience as it is possible. Please welcome: SportArb an investment pool created by Andres Martin and Ronald Wald, two experienced traders with over three years of experience in betting markets who are now ready to expand their business to a wider community. We want to tell you, that design, legend and script are unique, we didn't saw them in the past.

SportArb and site legend says that it is a betting investment pool, created by 2 traders with experience in the field of betting. Itself, investment program has 6 different investment plans to choose from. Want to learn more? 60% of daily profit expires at 30 calendar days - 65% of daily profit expires at 45 calendar days - 70% of daily profit expires at 60 calendar days - 75% of daily profit expires at 75 calendar days - 80% of daily profit expires at 90 calendar days - 90% of daily profit expires at 120 calendar days. What this means exactly for all of us? It means that daily profit is generated by SportArb company everyday and they are giving profitshare of 60%-70%-80% and 90% to members who have an active deposit. For example, if you made an active deposit of $100 to "Beginner" investment plan, your profitshare from company (Daily profit) starts from 1% to 3%. I did some calculations using their calculator (Useful tool guys btw), and determined that an average user with $100 will get $0.90-1.50 per day, as we said before, it is just average profit, this profit will depend on SportArb profit for that day exactly. So, if you want to start earning and receiving some money, prepare at least 25 US Dollars or 25 Euros or 1500 Russian rubles or 0.025 Bitcoins, the maximum amount you can invest per deposit is whooping $100,000. Withdrawal requests are processed manually by their security team from Monday to Friday around 11 AM or 4 PM GMT. Don't forget to check all pages there, that pages contains tons and lot of useful information like F.A.Q and Supervisory board, of course maybe that people are not real but everything is made perfectly fine. They have representatives system, own forum, live chat support and language translations are on the way, we test their support and received an answer from them within just several seconds, one of supporters told me that they are going to have 24/7 support options, that's great isn't it? Payza is coming too and will be added within...nobody knows when, another super option is that you can make a deposit using one currency and request withdrawal using absolutely different, but remember that they may ask for some verification documents to be protected against money laundering or similar. Technical side is more than "Diamonds in the sky". SportArb is hosted on a dedicated server, it has custom written script, it's unique you won't see it anywhere else. It using unique design created by professional team of designers and has genuine EV SSL (Greenbar) from COMODO CA. To be honest with you guys, this is the real and possible hit of 2017 year and I am really exited about it, program has absolutely anything to be called a "Monster" or another new "NewGNI" program from 2012-2013 years. I just want to wish happy and profitable work here for many, many and once again many months. Good luck!

These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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