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HYIP News | Grailum Review

16 October, 2018


Hey guys. First half of month was slow, and we saw some scams previously. This week is not an exception unfortunately. FavouriteBZ is moved to Scam listing due to pending withdrawal requests for more than 24-48 hours and admin didn't reply to our message, Etrades Club is also moved to Scam listing due to host issues and pending requests, please ignore emails if admin will ask you to make new deposit to release old request, it is known scam trick, don't be a victim of it, Real Crypto Trade and Pro Mine LTD are moved to appropriate listing too, program admins are not processing withdrawal requests anymore. DogePumper admin said that all withdrawal requests are suspended until November 1, this is a not good sign for sure and we moved it to Waiting for now, please do not invest there and wait for our update. Several users asked me about GlobalSafeDeposit (What a name?) and according to 33 monitoring websites, it is Paying program but... monitoring admins are getting something like 0.10$-0.20 daily, so be very careful with it, seems that admin is trying to attract as much new investors as possible to investment trap. These was all bad news for today and we are moving to good ones.

Three new programs have been added to Basic and Standard listings respectively within these seven days. Here they are: VallDay (Basic) v2 or also known as is a sleeper program, previous Vallday was moved to Scam listing due to pending withdrawal requests, program admin wants to start everything from "White and Clean page" so he created this version number 2. KingofProfitMaker (Basic) and site legend says that KoPM is a U.K. based company. They have spent the past three years trying to make King of Profit Maker LIMITED into one of the most advanced companies in the field of Forex Trading. Their Company succeeded to support multiple Trading instruments (futures, forex, stocks, and options). DailyPro (Standard) is a team of experienced traders. They make profits in the cryptocurrencies market, especially in Bitcoin. All profits are calculated periodically in their system, which means you can deposit from now and withdraw one day later. Of course all these legends are just letters and words, nothing else, don't pay much attention on that, guys. This is it for now, and today we want to introduce neither new nor old investment program that is getting more and more popular among our readers and referrals, it is listed here for more than 42 days and it is paying fine at this moment but don't forget that it is HYIP Industry, so here we go guys:

Grailum or also known as BitBoots was added to Premium listing almost 43 days ago and program admin purchased Sticky listing and all banner spaces here for 60 days almost immediately. Site legend is unique, it says that Grailum Ltd. want to be a front-runner developing and contributing with new technology to the ongoing Blockchain tech and offering new services to meet the end-user of the future and make it a better place for all. To begin your investment journey, you need to create an account. The registration process is fast, simple and free, all you have to do is to click on Start Trading yellow button and scroll down to another button which will ask you to Sign Up Now, click on it, fill in your details with valid data and select a password by your choice with minimum 8 characters alpha numbers and letters, type in the one time PIN sent to your email inbox address, you might check your spam / junk folder if you can not find it, after that you will be logged in successfully. Starting from now, you are an official member of Grailum LTD. Before making a deposit, take a closer look at their investment plans. These plans are adjusted automatically and investment level depends on an investment amount, here are all plans that you should know about:  $50 - $1200 1.10% daily; $1200 - $2500 1.30% daily; $2500 - $7500 1.60% daily; $7500 - $15000 1.90% daily; $15000 - no limit 2.20% daily.The minimum amount to start investing is $50. All these plans doesn't have expiry date, it means that if you will make a deposit today, next profit will be accrued after 24 hours till the end of life.

The deposit process is very simple, click on Make Deposit button, select pay-method you want to use, type amount and submit form and you will be taken to last step for deposit details, re-check if provided information is correct and follow further instructions. Grailum LTD supports abnormal amount of payment gateways to choose from, want to know some details about them? Here they are: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Zcash, Litecoin, DASH, EOS, TRON, QTUM, OmiseGo, Icon, Decred, Aeternity, Augur, Dogecoin, Golem, Digibyte, BAT, Ox, Everex Token, FeatherCoin, Gnosis, Hyperstake, Namecoin, Pandacoin, Power Ledger, Peercoin, QUARK, Cryptonite, Primecoin, Paycoin, Zcoin. All withdrawal requests are processed instantly. If you don't want to spend own money, you can still earn some commissions from them. You can earn 5% on any deposit your referrals make to their Grailum account, to start promoting this investment platform, simply login to your member account area and grab their banners, upload them to your blog or start posting about them using your social media accounts like Facebook, Google and Twitter. Just do not spam for too much. At this moment, BB is monitored by 27 well known and established websites, all of them are listing it as Paying and we don't have any bad reports, so everything should be OK here. If you will have any questions, feel free to visit their support page. It is a custom page and it is prepared very well, this is another big plus to program. Technical aspects are great too. Grailum is using custom written script, BB is suing genuine and valid EV SSL issued by GeoTrust, it will expire in 711 days, but on the other hand BB is hosted on a shared server, 3 other sites are hosted on same server too, I hope that, admin will change shared server to dedicated one very soon. To make a final summary, Grailum LTD looks good, it has instant withdrawal system, they are preparing own currency and ICO campaign will be started soon but don't forget that it is High Yield Investment Program and it might be down even tomorrow.

Remember that HYIP or also known as High Yield Investment Program is a game. HYIP admins ARE NOT investing your money to Forex, Gold, Crude Oil, Crypto-Currencies etc. They are waiting for new deposits, to process your withdrawal request and these cycles will end once there will be not enough income. So, always think twice before investing your hard earned money. These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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