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HYIP News | Hivereck Review

08 September, 2019


Hey guys and girls. How are you doing and how was your weekend? I spent some time with friends and family at Black Sea and then had some trips to Caucasian mountains, fresh and cold air washed my face and filled me with new energy, so I am ready to start new season with even more passion then before. OK enough stories about travels, I am not neither Marco Polo nor Amerigo Vespucci and let’s get back to business. So, HYIP industry is waking up and the proof of it, are several new programs that have been added to Premium and Basic listings. Of course, we will publish honest reviews and will share our opinion about these programs within coming weeks so stay tuned guys. You can check all latest programs down below:

Hivereck (Premium) - You don't want to handle bitcoin exchanges API or fees, Hivereck let you trade in over 75+ exchanges and 1500+ markets directly from one automated bot , you can check rates and trades directly in your dashboard. You can deposit eight cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies and get your profits every day.

BSFinance Limited (Premium) - BSFinance Limited is incorporated in the UK. Reg. number of the company: #11903886. Our office address is 1 Scott Pl, London, United Kingdom, M3 3RN.Statement of capital: 5000000.00GBP. BSFinance Limited is a well-oiled machine and a talented team. Each company's employee clearly understands their responsibilities and tasks in the investment process.

RitrexCapital (Premium) - Ritrex Capital is a global network of professional firms providing comprehensive range of investment services to institutional and corporate clients across the world. We draw on our wide range of services and provide our clients with inventive investment banking advisory solutions.

Crypto Daily Money (Basic) - If you find yourself here, you are in search of reliable and profitable investment. Yes, you are at just right place! Our company offer trust assets management of the highest quality.Crypto Daily Money investment project is a product of careful preparation work of experts in the field of trade and marketing.

Guys, don't forget that these are just site legends and they have nothing to do with real business. Today we want to publish review about program that was added to Premium listing 35 days ago and slowly is getting more and more popular among our readers (Still many players have abandoned HYIP industry due to too many fast scam programs and newbie admins that have no clue how to manage a program successfully, maybe this one will be an exception? Let's find it out now).

Hivereck or HV - has been added to Premium listing 35 days ago. This program looks promising and good. It has unique legend. It says that Hivereck is an arbitrage trading bot that trades several pairs between numerous exchanges with company funds plus the funds deposited and locked by users around the globe. But before making any new deposits there, lets dig little bit deeper into it. First, you need to create an account there. Registration process is fast, free and very simple. All you have to do is to click on Register button, fill in your login credentials such as your valid email address, your name, strong password, accept their terms and conditions, click on Create Account button and wait for several seconds, your HV account will be created instantly. Now to begin your investment journey, login to your created account and press on Deposit/Withdraw button. HV offers only one investment plans that has some flexible returns, it will give you from 1% to 7% daily, the higher is your deposited amount, the higher will be your daily profit. Just don't forget to not invest very huge amounts, it is risky.

HV is supporting many popular payment gateways like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Quantum, Binance Coin and Dash. You can also make a deposit using either PayPal or VISA/MasterCard, the thing is that there will be no chance to request profits to your wallet without account verification, of course you can do it but we strongly suggest you to forget this idea at all, in HYIP industry, your uploaded documents might be used against you and some clever admins might verify their accounts using your valid documents. So, please stay with cryptocurrencies. Withdrawal requests are processed manually by their team. Timeframe is around 12 hours. The program is in Beta stage now, so it doesn't have an affiliate system now, even if you want to promote them, you will get nothing for it. We hope that affiliate and representatives’ schemes will be integrated here as soon as possible. At this moment, HV is listed and monitored by... several monitoring websites only. No active promotion campaigns are detected yet and on the other hand, there are no bad reports too, so it means that program is running smoothly. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Hivereck administration by email or a phone number, you can find this information by clicking on their F.A.Q. page at the end of the website. HV has one of the best technical aspects in HYIP industry. The huge plus to program is that it is running on a custom written script, it has genuine and valid EV SSL (Greenbar) issued by DigiCert, and site is hosted on a dedicated server provided by legendary Well guys, like we said earlier, industry is waking up very slowly but this a good sign rather than bad. Of course, there must be one or two programs that will shake this swamp upside down, can Hivereck do it? Time will tell.

High Yield Investment Program is a game. HYIP admins ARE NOT investing your money to Forex, Gold, Crude Oil, Cryptocurrencies etc. They are waiting for new deposits, to process your withdrawal request and these cycles will end once there will be not enough income. So, always think twice before investing your hard-earned money. These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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