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HYIP News | In Vinom Veritas Review

11 January, 2018


Hey guys. While some part of planet Earth is still celebrating Christmas holidays like Russia and CIS countries, program admins are not sleeping and are creating, improving and adding their brand new high yield investment programs to either Basic, Standard or Premium listings respectively. Before making a review and introduction, we want to warn you that BtcKingCoin has been moved to Problem listing due to some problems with the deposit system, the thing is that we made a deposit and admin either can't or doesn't want to add the deposit to the member account area, we've sent 3 e-mails and were asking to fix the issue as soon as possible but he failed to do for these 7 days. For the past several weeks, we've added a lot of programs to the listings and these are: Tudor Games, Crypto Inv Group, Crypto Source, Oil-Tnx, Shavainvest Limited, BitSequence, HolbornCoin and In Vinom Veritas. Looks great isn't it? Of course we will create some reviews about these programs within coming several weeks but today we would like to introduce a brand new program that has been added to premium listing several weeks ago. If you like to drink wine and think that in vino veritas, you need to check our newest review about extra-ordinary site that has something to do with wine. are you ready? Here we go:

In Vinom Veritas or also known as IVV (Not sure what Vinom means exactly as I am not Latin language specialist) was added to Premium listing several weeks ago. Site legend is very new and it's not outdated fairy-tale about Forex strategies and unique schemes that will bring millions of dollars after 2 days. It says that IVV is a global company, whose primary activity is to create and supply of private enoteche. Before making a deposit, you'll have to create an account there. Don't worry for too much, the registration process is free, fast and simple. Press on Registration button under that big picture with a glass of wine, fill in your credentials such as your username, e-mail and password, tick that little box and agree to their rules and hit on Sign up button. This is it, starting from now on, you are an official member of IVV. Show must go on, thus you need to login to your member account area and here starts the most interesting part. Site supports two step deposit system, it means that you need to make a deposit to your IVV account first and then create a deposit. It's simple, just navigate to Add funds button and make a fresh deposit using either PerfectMoney, Payeer or AdvancedCash, after this just hit on Make deposit button and choose an amount from your account balance and an investment plan. You can also set plan to auto mode so system will choose the best suitable plan without any headaches. It's an optional feature so feel free to ignore it and set plans manually, here they are: 10% daily for 11 days, 15% daily for 9 days, 14% daily for 8 days, 0.8% daily for 7 days with principal back policy. The minimum amount to start investing there is just $5 and there is no limits, withdrawal requests are processed by admin manually within 28 hours, usually we are getting our requests much faster than the given time-frame. Don't forget to visit Wallets page and edit your payment IDs correctly. IVV also has a basic referral system, in case if you don't want to invest your own money, you will always have an ability to grab the referral link and paste it somewhere, invite friends, family or colleague, don't forget to start promoting it using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter Google+ Linkedin etc. As a reward for promo campaign you will get 5% commission. We also checked all links there but couldn't find any banners yet. let us know if you will find them as soon as possible. At this moment, IVV is monitored by 46 established and known monitoring websites. They are listing it as Paying, received no bad reports too so everything is fine for now. Program is getting more popular, slowly but steadily. What about their support team? unfortunately, nothing special and no new features. Just telegram chat and nothing else, so if you will have any questions, contact them by e-mail or by chat directly. We do hope that admin will integrate some more support options in the future. Premium class program needs premium equipment. This one is not an exception. It is using licensed script from H script team, it is hosted on a dedicated server with the DDoS protection, IVV also uses genuine and valid SSL certificate issued by COMODO CA, the certificate will expire in 340 days. Well guys, this program stands out from the crowd for its extra-ordinary legend and site design which looks awesome especially if you like to drink some wine before dinner or maybe after supper. We are not promoting alcohol here just saying that it deserves its place in the HYIP industry and always remember that all programs are GAMES.

These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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