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HYIP News | March 27

27 March, 2017

Hey guys. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, the past several weeks were real "Black December" for the HYIP industry because as we said before 7 programs went to SCAM listing within just 7 days, but there are of course newly added programs too, "Sleepers", we will keep an introductions of them for later time. They doesn't have neither design nor legend, so we are not going to waste your valued time on these things. Instead, we will introduce a brand new program that was added to Standard listing just yesterday. Please welcome: CryptoShine Trades LTD.

CryptoShine Trades is an investment company uniting professional Cryptocurrencies, Stock, Forex market and Gold trade. Successful achievements in main activity allowed the company to grow partnership assets to get access into new markets, this is what the site legend says about them. It has 3 investment plans to choose from and all of them have hourly expiration dates. First plan or also known as CS1 (Don't think that it's a video game Counter Strike) offers 0.15% hourly for 800 hours the minimum amount here to invest is $10 and the maximum is whooping $15,000 - CS2 will offer 0.35% hourly for 372 hours and the minimum amount to start investing to this plan is $650 (All plans have the same maximum amounts) and the last one is called CS3 that offers 0.45% hourly for 312 hours with the minimum amount to invest of $5,500. Program claims that all withdrawal requests are processed instantly, we will see it today, when first profit will be requested from them. Got questions or want to ask admin about something? Just press on the "Live Support" button and there you'll find basic support options to choose from, not all buttons from social media are redirecting users to official pages yet, at this moment, only Facebook button seems to be working, G+ and Twitter are not working yet. Everything is fine with technical details. Site is using a licensed version from GoldCoders, it is also using genuine SSL issued and verified by COMODO CA and it is on a dedicated server provided by DDoS-Guard. This program has some chances to gain more popularity if admin will do his best to promote it to new heights. Take a closer look anyway, it will cost you just several minutes of your time, but who knows, maybe this one will become a hit of 2017?

The good news are over and time to move to bad ones:

I don't like to write anything here in this sub column but, this is a HYIP industry. One program goes down, another appears. For the past week, we moved to SCAM listing 2 giants and 2 good programs, and they are: PassiveLoan, LensenGroup, Symbio and Amazing7. An Amazing7 was an "Amazing Fail" of the year, we are not sure what happened there but it lasted for just several weeks. All these programs are dead officially and no further investments are recommended there. There is also an update about Strange Event, unfortuinately we moved it to Problem listing too due to some confirmed bad reports and pending / selective withdrawal requests, stay away from it too.

These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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