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HYIP News | Mega Bitchain Review

28 November, 2017


Hey guys. Hope you are doing great and your shopping was great while there were some huge discounts on stuff at Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Wondering if there ever will be something like White HYIP Thursday where all investors will receive there profits and requests promptly and there will be no more scam programs, but it's not possible unfortunately and today we will start our weekly news with some warnings. Bit Pool Investment and Charisma Finance admins have stopped paying completely and both programs have been moved to Scam listing. Aimvestment admin still tries to process some small requests, and his program will remain in Problem listing for now. So don't believe to their excuses and fairy-tale messages. As for the good news, World Mining LTD admin sent some good e-mails and informed us that two new languages has been added to the site. So if you don't know English and can't read it, you can set it to either Portuguese or Russian languages. Some more admins have sent some reports that they did good on Foreign Exchange markets and their profits are billions of dollars, we didn't include such news here, you know why. A brand new program has been added to Basic listing 6 days ago and has been promoted to Sticky listing position almost immediately by admin, he also purchased all banner spaces for 30 days and started promo campaign. Is it worth your attention? Let's find it out together:

MegaBitChain or also known as MBC (Nice abbreviation and name for some future altcoin currency by the way), has been added to all listings possible just a week ago, as we said before, it seems that admin has started promotional campaign from the beginning. Site legend says that MEGA BITCHAIN LIMITED is a UK Registered company founded by a group of Wall Street traders. They have 30 years of combined experience in the trading market using cutting edge quantitative algorithms. Unfortunately, the legend contains nothing interesting for you. Before making any deals and deposits with them, user needs to create an account, guess what? The registration process is free, simple and fast as always. You need to click on that SignUp button, fill-in your credentials such as your full name, username, password, e-mail and currency account numbers, tick or read if you want their Terms and Conditions and click on Register button. You don't have to do anything else, starting from that time, you'll become an official member of MBC. Before starting an investment journey there, take a closer look at the plans. Program has 3 investment plans to choose from and these are 8% daily for 100 days - 12% daily for 100 days and 16% daily for 300 days. The minimum amount required to make a deposit is B0.005 ($49,70 at this moment) and the maximum amount is B300. Your principal (Initial deposit) will be included into daily profits so don't expect to receive profit and principal back. MBC supports just default payment gateways such as: PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin, it doesn't even have neither AdvCash nor Payza or forgotten popular gateway like SolidTrustPay. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly here without any delays, and note one thing that all your deposited amount will be converted to Bitcoin. Let's say you made an investment of $100 using PerfectMoney system, their script will convert it to Bitcoins but requested amount will be paid using same method. So, navigate to Deposit page, choose desired investment plan, enter an amount, payment gateway and hit on Spend button, just follow the further instructions. First profit should appear after 24 hours, but note that you can create a request for withdrawal of any amount that is equal to or greater than 0.0005 BitCoin. There is another way to earn some dollars for yourself or somebody else you like. Just login to your member account area and copy referral link. MBC offers 3 levels of referral commissions - 4% commission for every deposit that your direct referral makes from his BitCoin wallet, 2nd level commission is 2%, and 3nd level commission is 1% and don't forget about the rule to not spam forums and social media platforms. As for the promo campaign and advertising budget itself, admin purchased everything he could at our site and at this moment his banners are appearing on many popular websites, it is also monitored by 25 monitors and that is a good sign too. Admin has some dollars to push his program to the limit (Or it will be finished). Support page looks nice but not awesome. If you have any questions you can contact admin by e-mail, ticket system or telephone but that number is hidden for VIP investors only (Admin are you kidding?). There is registered address too, near Abbey Recreation Ground, if you know where it is, if not don't waste your time on this. You might wanna ask about their technical specifications right? Here they are: MBC is using licensed GoldCoders script, it also has genuine and valid EV SSL issued by GeoTrust CA, the certificate will expire in 354 days, site is also hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection. The technical aspect of the site is perfect without any doubts, also all these instant withdrawal requests with profitable plans and professional design makes MBC more than just a Basic program that had been promoted to Sticky, the only downside of all these programs is that they are... High Yield Investment Program.

These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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