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HYIP News | RadoVision Review

17 September, 2018


Hey guys. We hope that you spent a wonderful time with your lovely ones. And it seems that HYIP Industry is awakened finally. The golden rule dictates the following: One program is moved to Scam, another is substituting it, previous week was not an exception. Private Club, Deutsch Holdings and Retirement Purse has been moved to Scam listing, all these programs stopped paying and we got a lot of bad and confirmed reports so be careful from now on and don't listen to these admins and don't be a victim of some tricky fairy-tales.

As for the good news, a lot of new programs was added to either Basic, Standard or Premium listings. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome: HighTech Forex (Premium) admin added his program to appropriate listing several days ago and promoted it to Sticky listing position and purchased all banner spaces, site legend says that dozens of legal entities and thousands of private investors continue finance their activities for more than 5 years, making sure of the minimum risks and high liquidity of cooperation with the company HighTech Forex LTD. The latest addition to Standard listing is DogePumper with extra-ordinary script and site legend, it says that DP is an industry leading Dogecoin mining pool. All of the mining power is backed up by physical miners. Mining with the latest algorithms allows to make as much Dogecoin as possible. All your investments will be spent for buying miners ASIC and RIG and that is our little secret.

Pro Mine Limited is another newest program added to Premium listing just several days ago, site legend says that it is a company created to give our investors the opportunity to achieve a completely passive income from investment in cryptocurrency mining. By investing in their mining plans, you can buy your share in the technical infrastructure for profitable mining. They are able to offer you a stable profit from 3.5% to 6% per day. PP Earn is from Basic listing, site legend says that it is a professionally managed group of skillful traders. And the last program for today from our listing is Etrades Club LTD (Basic), program admin says that Etrades Club LTD is headquartered in London - UK and is registered under number 11534234. Our company was born with the great lucrative possibilities of the Forex market, Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. These was all news about newest additions to our listings. Today, we want to publish and share another honest review about investment program that is getting bigger and stronger everyday, are you ready to sit back and read some review? Here we go guys:

RadoVision or also known as RV, was added to Premium listing 16 days ago. At this moment, this program is not heavily advertised yet so it means that admin is collecting some more days or maybe weeks to start an aggressive promotional campaign to attract as many new users with their deposits as possible. Site legend says that Radovision has consistently taken measures to ensure its platform makes online trading and investing accessible to anyone. By keeping a balance between giving easy access to beginners and improving upon important elements for more experienced traders, Radovision has solidified itself as the world’s leading trading platform. Just to be clear, this is a site legend and don't forget that it has nothing to do with real business. Before investing, you need to create an account. The registration process is very simple, fast and free. Click on Sign Up button, fill in your login credentials such as your name, username, valid email address, good, strong and unique password (Never use same password for all HYI Programs, it might be more dangerous than you think), read their terms and privacy policy and click on Create account button, your RV account will be created instantly. Now, to start receiving your first profits from RV, you need to make a deposit, click on Make a Deposit button and choose one of their investment plans. RV offers 4 investment plans and these are: 1.5% daily for 5 days - 2% daily for 8 days - 2.5% daily for 13 days - 3% daily for 21 day, principal is returned at the end of an investment term, RV team will process your withdrawal requests instantly to one of these payment gateways: Perfect Money, Payeer, NixMoney, Bitcoin and Litecoin. What if you don't want to invest your hard earned money but still want to receive some extra bucks for yourself? RV has a referral system for this, with it you can earn up to 5% commission of all your referrals deposit. Login to your member account area and grab their banners, start promoting it using social media platforms like Facebook, Google or Twitter. Some users were promoting HYIP on Linkedin, trust me guys, this is not a good idea.

At this moment, RV is monitored by 20 monitoring websites and all of them are listing it as Paying, we don't have any bad reports yet so everything seems to be up and running smoothly. If you will have any questions, feel free to contact their support team by e-mail, ticket system and live chat (This option is not working for me at least, maybe you can try it?). Also these guys have registered office but don't pay much attention on that. Technical aspects are normal. RadoVision is using licensed GoldCoders script, it is also using valid and genuine SSL certificated issued by COMODO, it will expire in 344 days, but the site is hosted on a shared server with DDoS protection issued by DDoS Guard and 1 more website is hosted on the same server. To make a final summary, this program looks good with their instant withdrawal system, but plans have big returns so it might not last for a very long time. Remember that HYIP or also known as High Yield Investment Program is a game. HYIP admins ARE NOT investing your money to Forex, Gold, Crude Oil, Crypto-Currencies etc. They are waiting for new deposits, to process your withdrawal request and these cycles will end once there will be not enough income. So, always think twice before investing your hard earned money.

These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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