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10 August, 2018

Hey guys. Gladly I am home again, had some trips to different countries and that was awesome experience, I hope you have or will have same fun too very soon. Now, with fresh energy, we are going to continue our work and missions to monitor and catch scams as fast as we can, of course with your help guys, report issues, contact us if there will be any problems. Unfortunately but DDFutures Trading a giant of HYIP industry has issues and admin is doing selective payments, we didn't had a chance to kept it in Paying listing, so starting from now on, it is moved to Problem listing and we do not recommend making any new deposits there.

There are some good news too regards some investment programs but be more careful and this is why: BeKing was a sleeper program for almost a year, it woke up now, admin changed design, created unique legend and guess what? Some monitors moved it to Problem, maybe for a reason or maybe without? Anyway just be more careful. Take a closer look at Luxearn too, just like BeKing, this program was a sleeper too for too long. Seems that admin is about to start an aggressive promotional campaign, he changed design and created absolutely new investment plans, it may be a chance for us to earn some funds. NitProfit and VallDay are added to Basic listing, nothing special yet because these programs are in sleep mode too. If program admins will promote them to Premium listing, we will create a review for them but for now, we want to share some basic tips and tricks with you guys about how HYIP industry works and what to do to here exactly, note that all these tips are just basic instructions, you won't earn a million dollars within 2 days but at least, all newbie members will learn some stuff so here we go:

Investing online could mean both things – either you could make profits when you invest smartly, or you could lose all if you overlook all the steps explained in this article. Are you serious about investing online? If yes, we suggest you perform a thorough research and learn which HYIP are genuine and stay away from “Scam artists.”

Here are few tips to help you find the right HYIP program: Step #1 Do your homework – If you’re serious about making profits through online investment, find a reliable HYIP program. Visit HYIP monitor sites where you’ll find the list of all popular HYIP sites. You can get in-depth information about each, compare one against the other, and participate in those HYIP programs that suit your individual investment goals. Step #2 Check the status (payout report) of each program – Next, consider finding out whether the HYIP program is making payments or has stopped paying recently. For this, visit HYIP monitor sites and HYIP forums to check the status/payout reports of each program. In addition, make sure to notice number of days the site ran (lower the number, higher the profits). Step #3 Sign up to create HYIP account – Once you’ve found the “right” HYIP program, sign up to create an account. Make sure to use a different (new) email, username, and unique password while creating an account on HYIP site. This will ensure your personal accounts won’t be hacked by a sneaky admin.

Some words of warning:

Online investment is a risky business. Make sure the money you might lose after investing won’t affect you overall.
Start small and increase the investing bigger as you become an experienced investor. For example, if you choose to invest on a HYIP that offers at least 1%-2% daily, invest only $100-$300, nothing more than that. Not only you’ll prevent yourself being “scammed” (if the program turns out to be a fraud), but you’ll also likely recuperate your losses without going bankrupt.

Effective HYIP Investing Tips for Beginners:

  • Investing in recently added HYIP program may help you earn more earnings. So make sure you look at the “latest added HYIP program” section on all HYIP monitoring sites to find latest paying HYIP.
  • Next, make a goal to earn back your initial investment. This will make you worry less about losing your money in case the HYIP admin closes down their business.
  • To avoid investing in non-paying (scam) HYIP program, visit all popular HYIP monitoring sites. These HYIP monitors usually maintain a list of genuine and high paying HYIP program. Read their reviews of each program, talk to the members there in order to get unbiased information.
  •  Select only projects with good designs, what costs a lot to admins so they won't close program soon, because they spend a lot on it. If script is custom then it is huge plus, because it took time and money too.
  •  Check if project is advertising, if yes, this will be another good sign but don't rely on it for too much.
  •  Do not invest big amounts to hourly or 500% after two days plans. These programs are created to take your money and ban your account as soon as possible.
  •  Do not select projects with 120-150 days plans, it is too long and not profitable for client. Most probably, admin will wait for a huge deposit and then he will run away as hard as he can.
  •  Always use a referral link, so admins can see you have upline, so they will process at least some of your withdrawal requests before closing their program completely.
  • Please remember that all programs are GAMES and all of them will become Scam, sooner or later.
We will publish more tips and tricks in coming weeks for you guys. My mission is to teach you everything I know regards HYIP industry. So don't hesitate and contact us for any questions. These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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