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HYIP News | Tudor Games Review

23 January, 2018


Hey guys. Previous week has brought some new and interesting programs to our listing, hope that they will serve you well and will bring some good profits. Before publishing program names here, we want to say that an Epic Fail INVPoker has been moved to Scam listing directly from Waiting. The thing is that admin purchased a Premium package, has added it and asked us to start monitoring and... disappeared, we didn't get any withdrawal requests from it, so do not invest there, that program is officially dead. BtcKingCoin ignores all our e-mails and the program remains in Problem listing. Now it's time to move forward and introduce some brand new programs. For the past week, four programs have been added to the listings and these are: Bit Reliability just a guerilla without design and texts at this moment, DiamondHours has been promoted to Sticky listing position and admin has purchased all banner spaces, that's a good sign for hourly program, site legend says that DH embodies a modern high-tech business connected principally with the crypto-currency, Altcoins Hour is another hourly program, their system AltGo was built on machine learning discipline which is able to recognize and capitalize on trading patterns in altcoins. Today we want to talk about and make a site review about brand new program, that was added to Premium listing two weeks ago and is getting more popular among our referrals. Are you ready guys? Here we go:

Tudor Games or also known as TG (And it doesn't have anything to do with closed TalkGold forum) has been added to Premium listing two weeks ago. Site legend says that TG is a large investment developer company, founded in London by a group of like-minded enthusiasts and has been conducting its work since 2013. The legend is unique and very extra ordinary. Finally, there are no more fairy tales about strategies and trades. We fully agree that the mankind thinks about food shower and sleep, and there is one more thing that is getting more popular among us - Video Games. Personally, I like to spend some hours on playing my favorite video game like Battlefield 1 or Star Wars. But lets take a closer look what this site can offer and whether should you trust it or completely regret all these things? So, before making any deposits or even reading and analyzing their investment plans, you need to create an account. The registration process is fast and very simple. Just hit that green Play Now button, fill in your credentials such as your login name or also known as username, desired and strong unique password, valid e-mail address, read and tick their User Agreement option and press on Registration button, this is it, You will become an official member of Tudor Games instantly. Once logged in, navigate to Make deposit page - Mobile devices, set an amount, choose a payment gateway and press on Make deposit blue button again. Before making any deposits, always double check what you have choose. There are not much investment plans to choose from, TG will offer you either 1% daily for 11 business days or 4.4% for 35 business days. The minimum amount to start investing is $10 and the maximum is $30,000. Withdrawal requests are processed manually within 48 hours. It supports popular payment gateways such as PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash  and Bitcoin. Also note that since it is hard to define fluctuation degree of Bitcoin currency course in relation to dollar, they have created system at which you won't experience losses on bitcoin volatility. It means that your money are tied to USD, and you receive payments in bitcoin. The ratio is 1 BTC = $15000. If you don't have a desire to make any deposits here, you can still earn some extra cents. Take the banners from Promotional materials page and start promoting it wherever you like. They have multi-referral system that rewards an active investors, you have a chance to receive either 5% - 2 % - 1% - 1%. The big plus is a representative scheme too. But requirements are too heavy for a basic investor. If the sum of your deposits exceeds $1000 or a total turnover of the attracted investors of $10000, you can apply on the Company's e-mail. If you still have any questions, feel free to open TG support page and contact their support team by online chat and ticket system. We sent a test support request and an operator replied within just several seconds, it means that they value new customers and are very polite. Don't forget about translations, if you don't know English, you can set it to German or Polish, more language translations are on its way, stay tuned, good job admin seriously(!). Technical side has no issues at all. It is using custom modified script by H-Script team, it is using valid and genuine EV SSL (Greenbar) issued by COMODO CA and it will expire in 129 days, dedicated server and DDoS protection is guaranteed by the leading monster of that industry DDoS-Guard, so if bad guys will want to hurt the program, they may go to play Tetris on NES (Older generation of folks knows what is that). Like all other programs here, this is a game too, don't forget it while making a deposit. Each game has an ending, but we hope that TG will become real locomotive and leader in HYIP industry. Good luck guys.

These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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