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Miralty Trend Review

12 October, 2015


The second month of Autumn arrived with its cold rains but it’s getting more hot here in the industry and so we are going to do a review of the new premium class investment program that was added to our listing one month ago. Dear readers, please welcome: Miralty Trend & Co. It is an investment company, which was founded by commercial traders with years experience of successful activity in the betting markets. Miralty Trend is partner of Betfair, the British sports betting platform headquartered in London; one of its activities is a major online exchange platform of sports bets. Founded in 2000, Betfair gradually grew from an average betting company into a large-scale international project.

Today we want to talk about and review its investment plans, advertising budget, affiliate program, customer and technical support, script and server security. Sports betting and betting legends in general are a little bit out-of-date ones. Many investment programs were and are claiming that they are trading and betting on different markets genuinely, so lets see whether it is a true story or just “too good to be true” fairy-tale romance.

  • Investment Plans:

Miralty Trend an investment company that is trading and betting on different sport betting markets has many different plans to offer to the investors. From $ 10 to $ 1000 - 60%. from $ 1001 to $ 2500 - 70%. From 2501 $ to 7000 $ - 75% From $ 7001 to $ 25,000 - 85% and from $ 25,001 to $ 1 million - 90%. Profits from all these plans are coming from the company's profits. It means that basically you will get about 12%-14% monthly from your initial deposit.

If you still can not understand what these all plans mean, we will try to explain very simply. Miralty Trend has ONLY 1 investment plan with “floating” percent of profit. The ratio of profit of the investor on the general profit depends on the deposit sum (not less than 12% of profit per month). None of the plans are supporting compounding option. Compounding is the ability of an asset to generate earnings, which are then reinvested in order to generate their own earnings. In other words, compounding refers to generating earnings from previous earnings. You can have several deposits in one plan or in different plans at once. Our advice will be to invest to first “floating” plan a.k.a. #1 $10 - $1,000. This one is risk-less rather than other ones.

The sign up and sign in processes are easy and free. You have to click on “Become a Partner” button, fill in your correct details and press on “Sign Up” button. Note somewhere your login details or remember them and hit on “Login” button.  To start making monthly profits you have to have an active deposit in Miralty Trend. All you have to do is to navigate to “Add Funds” button and choose suitable investment plan, payment gateway and amount to invest and click on “Continue” button and follow the further instructions. You are ready to go. We were surprised when we saw plenty of payment options to choose from. At this moment Miralty Trend supports Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Yandex.Money, Qiwi, OKpay and Advcash. Withdrawal requests are processed manually by the team once per 30 calendar days. Instant withdrawal system is not supported. We hope that the admin of the program will do his best to integrate the giants like Payza and SolidTrustPay too. It also supports bank-wire transfers but we do not recommend to deal with them at all. They are accepting only Russian Rubles, and the minimum amount required to do a wire transfer is 10,000RUB ($150). If you still want to test their bank-wire system, please contact their support team first. Do not do anything without official instructions from Miralty Trend.

RATING: httpwwwhyipscomgfxiconsadminr_5gif

  • Affiliate Program:

Finally, Miralty Trend has unique features and well made affiliate program. If you don’t have an active deposit there, or you simply want to make some extra cash from it, you can grab their banners from your members account area and start promoting on different forums or personal blog/social page(s). Take a look at advertising materials, where you can print A5 white paper for additional promo campaign.

To do so, simply sign in to your account and navigate to “Information for Affiliates” page. There you will find useful information about affiliate program in general and how to raise your referral commission to 20%. Your referral link could be found in the “User Dashboard” the Partner Tools section. Miralty Trend also supports representatives scheme, so if you do have any additional questions you can contact representatives and ask them about program. To be honest with our readers, we have no idea why most of the programs doesn’t have representative scheme, testimonial page or own forum board? Maybe they just don’t want to waste valuable time to do so much things…who knows. Anyway, Miralty Trend will reward active investors who will bring new members to it. As a reward, members receive a referral commission of up to whooping 20%. Progressive Affiliate program offered by "Miralty Partners" allows to get profits depending on the total amount of active deposits of your Affiliate investors.

RATING: httpwwwhyipscomgfxiconsadminr_5gif

  • Advertising Budget:

Miralty Trend is not a brand new program, it has been added to our listing almost a month and a half ago, thus it is monitored by 9 monitors only. Admin added his program to premium class monitoring sites only, there are no junk sites or cheap ones. All these websites listed it as “Paying” investment opportunity.

It means that by the time of writing this review, it is really paying to all of its members, but please do not forget to check frequently All HYIP Monitors link at the right corner of each program to determine whether program pays to all of its members or just selected ones. SEO and advertising campaign is not started actively yet. Admin knows the rules of the industry, that rushing won’t bring success but abandonment can kill the program from the beginning. We are sure that everything is ahead and program will be promoted to new heights soon. Well, the truth is out there.

RATING: httpwwwhyipscomgfxiconsadminr_4gif

  • Support:

Miralty Trend Investment company has awesome support options and responsive support team. Tickets were being answered within several hours from time when we sent our first ticket to them to test their system.

If you need any additional information about the company and the terms of cooperation, you can always refer to F.A.Q page, contact them using support ticket system, e-mail address, telephone number, find them on Facebook or twitter, contact them by ICQ and Skype or even meet them at their registered office, but do you remember what we said about these registered addresses? If not, that’s OK, we will repeat that you must not believe to them. All addresses may be registered within several days or hours by third party person and they have no genuine origin at all. If someone is still interested to test their address, here it is: Suite 102, Ground Floor, Corner Eyre & Hutson Streets, Belize City. To get in touch with them, simply click on “Contact Us” button and fill in your support request. They will respond within 24 hours but usually faster.

RATING: httpwwwhyipscomgfxiconsadminr_5gif

  • Script, Security & Web Design:

Miralty Trend is using custom made script so it is secured well. The script itself is very user friendly so we do not have anything against it. All options are visible in members account area. The site is on a dedicated server provided by Yandex with round the clock protection against DDoS attacks, it is scanned daily for malware.

Miralty Trend is secured with a Thawte Web Server Certificate. Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption, but please note that the certificate is not trusted in all web browsers. Site administrator may need to install an Intermediate/chain certificate to link it to a trusted root certificate. The website domain was created on 18 December 2014 and will expire on 18 December 2018 (after 3 years). The design is very unique and looks like it has been made by professional designer with years of skill, it does have quality images and unique legend.

RATING: httpwwwhyipscomgfxiconsadminr_5gif

To make final summary of the program we want to remind you, that no matter how good or bad programs this or that aspect can be, it is still High Yield Investment Program. All programs from this industry goes down sooner or later. therefor nobody can predict what will or may happen tomorrow. As always our advice to our readers is to start investing with little sums like $10-100 from the beginning and raise investments by little. Do not put all your hard earned money to one program only, diversify your investment portfolio and please remember that we are always here to help you with investment tips, tricks and reviews.

Thank you for reading Miralty Trend review

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