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HYIP News | July 17

Hey guys and girls. Summertime sadness and hot days has been replaced by new programs that are adding almost every week now, so it means that you guys have a chances to earn some good profits but on the other hand you should always remember t... Read more..

HYIP News | July 10

Hey guys. New business week is here will all good and not so good news. From the beginning we want to send a warning message to all our subscribers about Successful-Traders, GCProfits and programs, all these in... Read more..

TOP5 HYIP Programs of June

Hey guys. Today we want to create and introduce to your attention TOP 5 Most popular and successful high yield investment programs of June month. We will get back to the list very shortly but for now be advised that there are some bad rumors ... Read more..

HYIP News | June 27

Hey guys and all readers of our blog. New week and another newsletter is on its way to your mailboxes. Unfortunately but some admins have no idea how to manage a program successfully and properly, we were about to introduce Mine A Coin as a l... Read more..

HYIP News | June 19

Hey guys and all users who are reading our weekly newsletters, we wanted to start new week with positive news but unfortunately there are some bad ones. So, for the past week, 4 programs have been moved to either Scam or Problem listings, adm... Read more..

HYIP News | June 12

Hey guys. Summer is here and days are becoming more hotter, and seems that HYIP industry is getting more active than in Spring months. Today we want to introduce to your attention a new program that was added to Standard listing 6 days ago wi... Read more..

TOP5 HYIP Programs of May

Hey guys, previous month was bit better than April, at least for HYIP industry because there was not too many scam programs, it's still in not perfect condition but things definitely getting better. Summer has arrived and many of you guys are pl... Read more..

HYIP News | May 29

Hey guys. Today is Monday and it's time to send a weekly newsletter about HYIP industry, new programs, announcements, problems and SCAM listings. Unfortunately but we had to move Zooo, Realcoin and DLB Global to Not Paying section yesterday d... Read more..

HYIP News | May 22

Hey guys and readers of our blog, new week is here and we have some bad news again for you, yes every week starts with such news for a long time already, is it because old and professional admins abandoned the industry and left it forever or ... Read more..

HYIP News | May 15

Hey guys. As usual, today we are going to publish and introduce the latest program that was added to our listing a week ago. It seems that HYIP industry is recovering from the sleeping mode slowly, while some programs are becoming scams like&nbs;... Read more..