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CMETrades Limited Review

Hey guys. Another new day, another new and honest review arrived. This time we will talk about a brand-new program that was added to Premium listing just a week ago. As usual we will discuss its investment plans and conditions, affiliate and ... Read more..

Strange Event Review

Hello all. Goodbye mama I am flying to Yokohama, do you think it’s a strange song for somebody? Strange song will be replaced by honest review of Strange Event (No guys, don’t think that I am flying or preparing something strange). We are goi... Read more..

TOP5 HYIP Programs of February

Hey all. Today is Monday, a first day of a new business week and it's time to post updated reviews and introductions of the TOP5 performers of February. Some of programs did an impressive improvements, some of them just sent some newsletters ... Read more..

Tea House Review

Hey everybody, guess what? Right, we are going to review, talk, publish and drink some tea from the mountains regions of Sri Lanka, hot and tasty. No don't think that we lose our minds, we are just talking about brand new program that was add... Read more..

RichmondBerks Review

Hey guys, like some of members like to say “Monday is a hard day”, we can’t neither agree nor disagree with this statement, it’s really hard to start a new business week after weekend, isn’t it? But not for us because HYIP industry never slee... Read more..

Solar Invest Review

Hey guys. Today we are back with another honest and fresh review of a brand new, investment program that was added to Premium listing just 9 days ago, and promoted to Sticky position short time ago. Sun, water, wind, fire and everything relat... Read more..

HYIP News | February 20

Hey guys. We are back online after several days of some technical issues after server and script updates. Still some options may not work as they should but everything will get back to normal within coming several days. Today, we want to intr... Read more..

HYIP News | February 15

Hello all. Today we are going to introduce a brand new program that has been added to Premium listing 9 days ago and promoted to Sticky listing almost immediately. By some rumors, this program is managed by one of few legendary admins from ML... Read more..

TOP5 HYIP Programs of January

Hello all, today we are going to publish an updated reviews and quick introductions of TOP5 best programs of January 2017. We want to warn our readers from the beginning that we moved one of the top performers of several month Bitaina Trading... Read more..