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HYIP News | December 19

Hey guys, hope you are doing good. Christmas holidays are coming, everyone is doing their best to prepare Christmas tree, champagne and do some activities like send a letter to Santa, visit a tree-lightning ceremony, open gift on Christmas ev... Read more..

HYIP News | December 12

Hey guys. Not much to say about previous week and its news. HYIP industry still waits for the leader like it was back to 2010 or 2012 for example. So, for the past week, two programs has been added to Basic listing and these are KegworthAsset... Read more..

TOP5 HYIP Programs of November

Hey guys. We hope you are doing great and are preparing for Christmas and New Year holidays. While it's too far from them we are going to publish updated reviews and introductions of TOP5 HYIP programs of November. Make some hot coffee, sit b... Read more..

HYIP News | November 28

Hey guys, it's getting more and more colder outside, isn't it? While HYIP industry still sleeps, we are preparing weekly news for you and we are introducing some new programs every week. This program is not new, it was just a Read more..

HYIP News | November 21

Hey guys. New week and new program introduction is on its way. Well, it's here already so please welcome: Symbio Finance. This brand new program was added to Standard listing just several days ago. We want to tell you that it's a very extra-o... Read more..

HYIP News | November 14

Hello guys. Today is Monday and its time to introduce to wider audience brand new program from Premium listing. It was added just 2 days ago. Please welcome: Trading Platform LTD or also known as...TPFXPRO. To be honest, some admins prefer to... Read more..

HYIP News | November 7

Hey guys. New week arrived and as usual its time to create and to send some introductions of the programs that have been added to Premium listing a week ago. These programs are: HugePM and BPetroleum. Unfortunately, there was one more program... Read more..

BPetroleum Review

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen! Guess what? Right, today weare going to publish and do one more honest review about an investment programthat was added to Premium listing a week ago too (We did review about anotherone just yesterday). So, he... Read more..

HugePM Review

Hey guys. The cycle of doing honest reviews are continuing so today we are going to prepare another article of an investment program that was added to Premium listing a week ago. By site legend, HugePM is an online investment program that mos... Read more..

Bitaina Trading Review

Today at we are going to review Bitaina - a company that has started in the United Kingdom by a team of experienced traders in the cryptocurrency markets, that’s what site legend says about them. As usual we are going to review site... Read more..