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TOP5 HYIP Programs of October

Hey guys. Industry is recovering from deepest crisis, for that past two weeks, almost fifteen programs were moved to Scam listings due to issues, pending withdrawal requests, 404 errors and so on. This week is not an exception. Ace Investment... Read more..

HYIP News | How Do HYIPs Invest Your Money

Hey guys and girls. First of all do you know what day was yesterday? Have an awesome autumn, an outstanding October, and most of all, a Happy Halloween! Some of our readers have no idea what Halloween is exactly. Halloween is a celebration in... Read more..

HYIP News | Grailum Review

Hey guys. First half of month was slow, and we saw some scams previously. This week is not an exception unfortunately. FavouriteBZ is moved to Scam listing due to pending withdrawal requests for more than 24-48 hours and admin didn't reply to... Read more..

TOP5 HYIP Programs of September

Hello everybody. Hot and warm days are gone at least for European countries but seems that some admins still received some sunshine attacks and are sick now. The perfect example is BlazMoney, program was a sleeper for a long time, several day... Read more..

HYIP News | 8BIT LTD Review

Hey guys. We hope that you are doing great as usual and always, but some admins are not doing great with themselves. Some days ago, we announced that Klozta admin started promo campaign successfully, he purchased all banner spaces and Sticky ... Read more..

HYIP News | TOP3 HYIP Investment Tips

Hey guys. We hope that you are doing great as usual, but seems HYIP Industry is sick again, for thew past week, several programs have been added to listings but a lot of old programs are having some troubles. One of the most stable ex-sleeper... Read more..

HYIP News | RadoVision Review

Hey guys. We hope that you spent a wonderful time with your lovely ones. And it seems that HYIP Industry is awakened finally. The golden rule dictates the following: One program is moved to Scam, another is substituting it, previous week was ... Read more..

TOP5 HYIP Programs of August

Hey guys. Hope that you had a wonderful weekend with your friends and family. Summer is over but something tells me that the hottest days for us and HYIP Industry are ahead. Several new Premium programs appeared on horizon and their admins se... Read more..