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TOP5 HYIP Programs of November

Hey guys. Today we want to start the new week with an updated reviews of TOP5 best performing programs. But before doing this, there are some bad news coming from an industry. First of all, be more careful with BestInvestments. Something real... Read more..

HYIP News | Mega Bitchain Review

Hey guys. Hope you are doing great and your shopping was great while there were some huge discounts on stuff at Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Wondering if there ever will be something like White HYIP Thursday where all investors will receive... Read more..

HYIP News | World Mining Review

Hey all. New weeks has been started and it means that there will be some good news, bad ones and introductions with program reviews. To start our newsletter, we want to warn you about 2 programs that were moved to Problem listing several days... Read more..

HYIP News | ACO Review

Hey guys. How was your weekend, hope very good. While some folks are preparing their bucks and euros to spend and to celebrate a Black Friday, this day is always the day after Thanksgiving, HYIP industry has a hard time. As usual, new busines... Read more..

HYIP News | Solis Review

Hey guys. New week has started and as usual, we are going to send weekly newsletter to our valued subscribers. From the beginning of this message, be careful with Profit I need investment program, as it has stopped paying and we moved it to S... Read more..

TOP5 HYIP Programs of October

Hey guys. How was the Halloween party? Did somebody scared you or have you made a jack-o'-lantern, one of the symbols of Halloween ? Personally, I don't like all these stuff, nothing is better to spend sometime with lovely family and after th... Read more..

HYIP News | October 23

Hey guys. New business week is started so it means that there will be another portion of good news, bad news and reviews about either newly launched programs or just re-branded old ones like Rent Buildings, but everything this will be include... Read more..

HYIP News | October 16

Hey guys and greetings to all of our readers. This week repeats almost all events that happened previously. We were about to publish another fresh review and introduce a brand new premium program but guess what ? Yes and yes once again, that ... Read more..

HYIP News | October 9

Hey all. We hope you have a good mood today to read weekly newsletter, especially after ScamFall that happened previously, yes almost 5 program have been moved to either Scam or Problem listings due to technical problems. We were about to publis... Read more..

TOP5 HYIP Programs of September

Hey guys, the second month of Autumn was rich for scam programs. They were moving to appreciate listing almost once per 3 days and let us start from the very beginning. The first program which was moved to SCAM listing was BesTraders, simply ... Read more..