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ShavaInvest Limited Interview

05 April, 2018


Hello guys again. Yesterday we published updated reviews about TOP5 best performing programs of March, we moved ShavaInvest Limited to number 1 position because this program simply deserves to be there. Admin is doing great job by involving new clients and is doing everything possible to stay online with us for as much as possible. He kindly agreed on an interview and answered on all our questions. So, let's not talk for too much, prepare some drink for yourself and here we go:

1. Hello admin, Please introduce yourself to the readers of blog

Hello Paul and readers of blog. The domain which is the online platform under Shavainvest Limited was registered in my name George V Wall. I am experienced forex trader, I specialize mainly on trading commodities for over 15 years. I am 41 years old, married and a successful trader.

2. Please tell us more about your program. When it had been launched and how many days you were preparing it?

The project named Shavainvest has been in the pipeline for over 2 years. I started investing in hyip business since the era of egold and there were many reliable projects at that time. But recently I discovered that most admins just start a project and promise huge returns which somebody in his right senses would not bother to invest in. But to my amazement, many people invest in these scam projects and get their fingers burnt. After studying the current trend of projects and many epic fails as some programs do not even make it to just 10 days. I analyzed all the programs and realized that most of them are not sustainable because they do nothing with the deposits. For any hyip program to survive, all the deposits must be used for investment purposes which yield achievable returns. With the knowledge I have and with the support of my associate we came up with the idea of Shavainvest which was launched in December 2017. Shavainvest is a platform with the objective of making daily profits from all deposits and paying to investors without delay. Currently there is a team comprising 3 forex traders and one administrative assistant.

3. Please explain the investment plans in detail to us. What are the minimum and maximum amounts to invest?

The minimum investment is $5, we previously thought $50 will be ideal but due to trust issues we lowered the amount to $5 so that people who want to do a trial with us will be able to invest very small amount. The maximum amount to invest is limited to $50 000 for now, it can be increased subsequently as the program grows bigger. We have daily investment plans, 11.5% daily for 10 days, this is for deposits between $5 and $500. We give 12 % daily for 10 days for those who deposited between $501 and $5000. Deposits more than $5000 can receive up to 15% daily for 10 days. All these plans are principal inclusive. We also launched a day plan for those who just desire quick return, 102% after 1 day. More plans can be added due to popular request.

4. What payment options are you currently accepting? Are you looking to add more payment options?

We currently accept Bitcoin, Payeer and Perfect money deposits. More payment processors will be added at a later time as the program expands. We had the idea of starting small to gain investors’ confidence and we expand from there

5. How high the level of security of your site is? What measures do you take to protect against hacking and DDoS attacks?

We are using licenced script from Goldcoders and the security is very high. Goldcoders are always ready to support and resolve any issue we had during the first phase of this program. The site is securely hosted on a dedicated server only for Shavainvest, DDos protection, Domain protection and High Security protection by Genius Guard. All data are encrypted with paid SSL therefore investors have nothing to worry about.

6. Please tell us more about your sites' script. Is it licensed and non-modified or it is custom-written one?

We are using licensed script from Goldcoders, some modifications were done on the template design. The total investors’ statistics shows mainly the active members of Shavainvest. As people have noticed that we do not manufacture deposits or withdrawals or members on our website. What is shown is purely what has been deposited or withdrawn by investors. Shavainvest is already 93 days old and we have had more than $67 000 deposits. The biggest deposit we have received from an individual is $7000 and we have paid consistently. We promise to keep up with this transparency so that investors can trust us further.

7. What have been the most common questions and problems you've had to deal with so far?

The problems we faced during the first days online was the automatic withdrawals which we have been able to fix. We also discovered that some people made several deposits under different username, we have been able to call them to order to merge all their deposits. We have not frozen their accounts. Another problem we faced were scammers on our live chat, many scammers approach us in terms of advertising offer, comment posting, voting etc to the extent we had to switch off the live chat for a while. But we are stable now and we have not had any issue paying out withdrawals.

8. What exactly are you doing with investors money? How are you investing it?

Like I said, I am a professional forex trader. We trade forex and commodities with investors money. We have a working capital, we deposited some amounts in perfect money, payeer and bitcoin so that withdrawals are instant. All other deposits on the website are channeled to our forex trading accounts. We make withdrawals from the forex accounts every week in order to replenish the working capital which would have been withdrawn as payouts during the week.

9. What is the method you are using to attract investors?

Firstly, we realized that in order to stay in business for a long time we have to minimize our risks. We discovered that many program fail because they are neck deep in debt with the monitors. We started with just 3 reliable and well trusted monitors and we started building up from there. Many programs are forced to close because they cannot meet up with the daily payout to numerous monitors. We have taken out paid and top positions at about 4 different monitors in order to attract more people. During the Easter period we launched a bonus campaign for investors. We also send constant email about updates at Shavainvest. Our live chat is available 24/7 to answer any question investors might have. We also hope to join more monitors in the future and improve our services.

10. And finally is there anything else you wish to say not covered in this interview?

Yes, I will like to thank all those who trust us by depositing their hard earned money with us. We will like you to support us by voting for us and commenting on all forums. Several people have approached me to pay them so that they can post for us in the forums but we have refused. We want genuine votes from members who have received their payments. If you look at other programs you will see fake statistics which is not reasonable, you will also see a lot of comments and got paid reports. But we have not patronized any one as we strive to achieve total transparency. I also want to assure you that Shavainvest has come to stay, we are not scammers and we have made a lot of profits from your deposits and it is not difficult for us to payout withdrawals as at when due.

Please contact me directly at [email protected] if you have any issue/query. I will attend to your issue immediately.

We thank you for your business.

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