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TOP5 HYIP Programs of December

03 January, 2017

Greetings to all readers, referrals and just members of the site. First of all, Happy New Year to you! Wish this year brings to the warmth of love and illuminates your path of life towards a positive direction. Today, it's time to publish quick and updated reviews of the TOP5 HYIP programs for December.

#1 Bitaina - This unstoppable program has completed all investment cycles for many times and program admin purchased sticky listing position and all banner spaces for another 30 days once again. It means that he has some good intentions to stay in the industry for as long as possible. Program supports many investment plans starting from 1.5% daily for 5 calendar days and 2% daily for 10 calendar days (Total returns are 107.5% - 120%) to 4% - 5% daily for 25 - 30 calendar days respectively, keep in mind our advice to stick with first investment plan and do not go beyond it because higher returns can return bigger headache for you. If you are ready to jump in, this program will welcome you with PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin and Payza. The minimum amount required to start an investment process is just $10 and the maximum is $15,000. All withdrawal requests are processed instantly by the system except Payza. Due to some security reasons the administration of Bitaina are processing them manually but within given time-frame of 24 hours. Bitaina is running on a dedicated server provided by BlueHost, is using genuine EV SSL (Greenbar) from COMODO CA and is using licensed script provided by H-Script team. It survived Christmas and New Year holidays successfully, will Bitaina survive the next one year?

#2 BPetroleum - This program was added to listing 64 days ago. Site legend says that this is a United Kingdom based oil and gas exploration and production company committed to obtaining and developing the most profitable onshore oil and gas project for our investors. It also has only one investment plan to offer to you. Plan terms are simple, it will pay you 2.5% daily for 60 calendar days, your principal will be included to daily profits and compounding option is not supported here. Unfortunately, but program supports just default payment gateways such as: PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly. If you have some questions or want to chat with customer support team directly without reading some paperwork or basic frequently asked questions section, you should land on a “Support” page. Program has all features to satisfy client needs. Feel free to contact their team by either using ticket system, e-mail address or telephone number too. BPetroleum company is allocating its power "out from the crowd" when we are talking and discussing its technical aspects. It is hosted on a dedicated server from, it is using licensed GoldCoders script and has Extended Validation SSL from Thawte.

#3 TPFXPRO - Sometimes, program admins are purchasing strange domain names for their programs isn't it? This "Silent and slow" but steady program has been added to Premium listing 52 days ago. It is headquartered in United Kingdom, a promising center for global finance and forex trading. They provide investing strategies to institutional and individual traders, white labels, money managers, hedge funds, and introducing brokers; most of which are customized to each particular trader's strategies and needs (It is a site legend). This investment program has 6 different investment plans, starting from FXPRO1 108% after 1 day - FXPRO2 141% after 5 days to FXPRO6 that will offer whooping 400%-2500% after 180 days. The minimum amount required to start an investment journey there, is just $10 and the maximum is $100,000. Unfortunately, but this program like many others from the HYIP industry, supports just basic payment gateways such as: PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin. Withdrawal requests are processed manually within 12-48 hours. Support page looks good, but there is no useful information out there, UK phone number is "Coming soon", official representatives page is under construction and there is no representative available yet, live chat option is either missing or disabled. The SSL certificate was issued by COMODO, site is hosted on a dedicated server provided by Koddos and has licensed script from GoldCoders.

#4 Dowerly - keeps updating site design. Small changes are becoming visible once per 2-3 weeks. Now it looks even more professional than before. It has been added to Premium listing 172 days ago. By site legend, this is a registered United Kingdom company providing private banking service to the masses. As for the investment plans, they are different of what we saw before. All plans are flexible from 0.2% to 2.50% per day until your active investment will reach a 130% - 150% profit share. Your initial deposit is included to daily profits, it doesn't support principal back policy, profits are accrued everyday. The minimum amount required to start investing is $25 (not a small amount for sure) and it doesn't have any limitations. Program accepts huge amount of payment gateways and these are: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, ADVCash, OKPay, Skrill, Neteller. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly by the system. Program is hosted on a dedicated server and is protected against DDoS attacks by well known company CloudFlare, it has custom written script and the design is made by professional team.

#5 "The Zombie and sleeping beauty" of the HYIP industry, CityBuildTrade was added to Premium listing 1043(!!!) days ago, things being changed, even Barak Obama is not the president of the U.S.A., but CBT is here and with us. It doesn’t have neither professional design nor unique legend, site says about activity in construction industry, don’t trust too heavy in it. Program supports only 1 investment plan offering: 102% after 7 days. Meanwhile it’s not promoted somewhere else, many members who joined it from day 1 are in very good profits. Do not pay much attention on their header. It supports PerfectMoney and Payeer only. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly by the system. Got questions? Use their support page to send a ticket to admin. He is acting like "Yo, pick up the phone" sometimes we were waiting for his response for 3 weeks. Interesting isn’t it? Worth a try for sure, but don't invest too big amounts from the beginning, remember that it's a "Sleeper".

These was TOP5 quick reviews for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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