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TOP5 HYIP Programs of February

05 March, 2018

Hey guys. First month of Spring is here and while some of you were celebrating it, HYIP industry is in deep crisis still. Of course there are some new programs to talk about, but we do not want to rush at this moment. They are very new and their time will come. We will introduce them now so you can take a closer look and even make a deposit if either that or this program will suite all your needs. Please note that Bitcoininvest has been moved to Scam listing directly due to pending withdrawal requests for more than 48 hours. Do not invest there. As for the good news. Neural Finance has been added to Premium listing just 6 days ago, site legend says that they carry on business in the field of IT technologies since 2012. They have accumulated tremendous experience, which allowed them to begin their own development of artificial intelligence based on neural networks. Crypmoon has been added to Premium listing 9 days ago. It has an extra-ordinary legend, it says that Crypmoon is designed to provide you with secure asset management services, developed on the latest principle and most advanced technological principles which are connected with profitable bitcoin trading and profit acquisitions within the cryptocurrency market. Bitellion has been added to Basic listing several days ago. Nothing special, site legend says that these guys have some unique trading strategies and that they can make you happy. Today time has come to publish TOP5 of best programs for February. We will not include some links in the review because there are some bad rumors flying around the program.

#1 World Mining or also known as WM has been added to Premium listing 108 days ago and deserved the first place in TOP listing for its site legend and structure in general. It states that WM is a company that offers powerful new servers for rent, which are located in the United Kingdom. Their high-tech equipment are ready for operation and meets all quality requirements and technical characteristics for such devices. Company has offers 5 different investment plans to start investing with. Program supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvancedCash and Payeer. The minimum amount to start investing and depositing process is $15 (100 GH/s) and the maximum amount is some crazy exabytes that will cost you around $300,000. Withdrawal requests are processed manually within 24 hours, in some cases, the time frame can vary, for example, in case of technical issues. Also note that profits can be withdrawn On Monday and Thursday. Days of withdrawal can be changed at the discretion of management. Have questions? Feel free to land on Support page and contact administrator and his team by using either ticket system or e-mail, nothing special there to be honest. And final part of our review is about technical aspects of the site. We like very much when script is licensed, in this case WM is using custom and unique modified script that gives another Plus to program, it is using genuine EV SSL issued by COMODO CA, the certificate will expire in 345 days and it is hosted on a dedicated server.

#2 Crypto Source or also known as CS has been added to Premium listing 59 days ago. Site legend says that they are working on optimizing the whole process of cooperating with investors including the system of lending computing powers in order to ensure stable high profit from mining Bitcoin and other popular crypto-currencies for all the members of their common business. CS offers three plans and these are: CS1 1.5% daily for 90 business days - CS3 3% daily for 90 business days and CS5 5% daily for 90 business days. The minimum amount to start investing is $50 and the maximum is $1,000,000. CS accepts many popular payment gateways like PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Withdrawal requests are processed manually within 24 hours, but usually this process won't take much time. CS is starting an active promo campaign. At this moment, it is monitored by 26 monitoring websites, all of them are listing it as Paying and there is no bad reports about issues. Support page looks good, if you will have any questions, or just want to talk to admin, feel free to contact him by either e-mail, ticket system and telephone (It is coming soon), here is their registered address 110 Sandhurst Court, Acre Lane, Brixton, London, SW2 5TX, United Kingdom but don't waste your time on such things. Technical aspects are perfect. Crypto Source is using licensed GoldCoders script, also the EV SSL (Green bar) certificate was issued by COMODO CA, it will expire in 315 days but this should not be an issue at all. Admin can prolong it within few seconds. It is running on a dedicated server and all feature DDoS attacks will be mitigated by DDoS-Guard a leader company in this field.

#3 The legendary City Build Trade or also known as CBT and site legend says that it is a renowned leader in construction industry. Their unmatched experience has brought them to the largest projects they have ever had. CBT portfolio includes dozens of accomplished projects, few collaborations and nine international constructions. To start investing, you need to create an account. Program supports only 1 investment plan offering: 102% after 7 days. Meanwhile it’s not promoted somewhere else, many members who joined it from day 1 are in very good profits. Do not pay much attention on their header. It supports PerfectMoney and Payeer only. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly by the system. If you also want to earn some more extra money, you can use their referral system. As program is not really ready yet, you won't find beautiful banners in Referral Links page, instead there is just default text that says something about how to earn money. At this moment, CBT is monitored by 15 established and well known monitoring websites. All of them are listing it as Paying and we do not have any bad reports yet. Got questions? Use their support page to send a ticket to admin. He is acting like "sleeping beauty" sometimes we were waiting for his response for 2 weeks. We will not review technical aspects of the site yet, because when it will be started and opened to general public, admin will do his best to upgrade all hardware and SSL certificates to their best premium class levels. So what can we say about this program? Things being changed, even some popular payment gateways in the past became scam, but CBT is here and with us. CBT survived 4 black Decembers and even Barack Obama is not the US President.

#4 (All Hyperlinks has been removed due to some bad rumors about this program, so be very careful guys). JSRentHouse or also known as JRH, was added to Basic listing 82 days ago, promoted to Premium and then to Sticky position several weeks ago. Site legend says that JHR creates a stable stream of income as real estate objects which it uses in JSRENTHOUSE LTD business show steady dynamics of the price growing. First plan (Let's call it J1) will send you 2.5% daily for lifetime, J2 will offer 103% after 1 days - J3 120% after 5 days - J4 165% after 15 days - J5 260% after 30 days and J6 offers 700% after 70 days. The minimum amount to start investing is $20 and the maximum is $50,000, guys do not make big deposits to last plans, nobody is going to pay 700% of profit. JHR supports many popular payment gateways such as: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin and AdvCash. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly and this is a big plus to program. Have questions? Feel free to land on their support page, it has all options to satisfy a client need. JHR is using licensed script from GoldCoders team, pirated versions are old scripts with many bugs and may have backdoors. It is using genuine and valid EV SSL certificate issued by COMODO CA, it is valid until  sat, 30 may 2020, and it is hosted on a dedicated server provided by Cover DNS (Not so popular as DDoS Guard). So guys, this investment program looks good, admin changed everything possible, turned on instant withdrawals and have started aggressive promotional campaign to attract as many new investors as possible.

#5 The last program from our TOP listing will be another sleeper and guerilla of the HYIP industry. Many of users know its name but huge amount have no idea. So please welcome SolidTradeBank or also known as STB. It was added to Premium listing 1424 days ago. Site legend says that it is a financial institution with a long history. Like other banks with traditional principles their company aims to extract maximum from the opportunities they have while operating assets of their customers. Investment program has only one plan to choose from, it will pay just 0.5% daily for 20 business days. It supports just basic payment gateways such as: PerfectMoney and Payeer, it doesn't even have neither AdvancedCash nor Bitcoin at this moment. Support page has some signs of human activity. Have a question? Feel free to contact them using default ticket system, we are unsure if you will get any answer anytime soon from them, because it's a sleeper program but with hugest potential. Take a closer look, you won't regret.

These was TOP5 quick reviews for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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