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TOP5 HYIP Programs of May

01 June, 2018

Hey ladies and gentlemen. Summer arrived officially and while I am preparing to watch some great matches of World Cup 2018, program admins are getting more and more lazy. They are not testing their programs before launch, they have no idea how to manage a program successfully for at least several months, a perfect example is: Cryptonia. It was added to Premium listing a week ago, and now we are moving it to Problem, some users reported that their withdrawal requests are pending for more than 24 hours and admin is saying some excuses about hit and runners. Game is over here, another program that did a great job moved to Problem listing too, Bit Landis has cash flow issues so stay away from it guys, sleeper ForexLDR is moved to Problem listing too due to pending withdrawal requests for more than 48-56 hours, either admin abandoned his program completely or he has a huge hangover after a party somewhere in Tibet. As for the good news, Bit Contract LTD has been added to Premium and promoted to Sticky listing by admin for 30 days. Site legend says that BC LTD is a financial management company based in United Kingdom. They provide asset management in bitcoin cryptocurrency. BC offer 3 types of contracts for a period of 20, 30 or 40 days. We will create a review for this program in coming weeks but today time has come to publish updated TOP5 reviews and best performers of May month, stay tuned guys and here we go:

#1 Without any doubts, the best program of May is ShavaInvest Limited. It became one of the most popular opportunities to make money online without hard work and big risk. SL was added to Basic listing 91 days ago, few months later admin has purchased Sticky listing position and all banner spaces for 4 months until September. Site legend says that Shava Invest aims to make profitable investments available to more people around the World. Online trading are a great way to invest in innovative companies that may generate quick profit in the shortest possible time. SL offers many plans to choose from and these are: 102% after 1 business day - 11.5% Daily for 10 days (Principal included) - 12% daily for 10 days (Principal included) - 12.5% for 10 days (principal included) and 15% daily for 10 days (principal included). As usual, our advice will be to invest to first plan only, because nobody is going to return 150% of pure profits. The minimum amount to start investing is just $5 and the maximum is $50,000. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly but sometimes it may take up to several hours. ShavaInvest Limited is accepting popular currencies such as PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin. No signs of either Payza, SolidTrustPay or AdvCash. We hope that admin will integrate more payment gateways in the future. SL is listed in 10 monitoring websites. Other well known and established monitors are listing it as Paying and there are no bad reports yet. If you will have any questions, feel free to visit their support page. There you'll find their registered address, ticket system and contact e-mail. Previously, we said that Live chat was offline for days and nights, but the situation has been changed drastically. Now support agents are online most of time, if not 24 hours per day. We sent a test message and supporter replied within several minutes. Technical side has been also upgraded, SL is using licensed script by GoldCoders team, it is using valid and genuine SSL issued by COMODO, it expires in 6 months and 21 days, SL is hosted on a dedicated server provided by Easy Geo DNS.

#2 World Mining is one of the best top performers of previous several months in a row. Cash flow is very fluent and member support is getting more and more stronger everyday. This is why WM took second place here. It was added to Premium listing 196 days ago and deserved its place in TOP listing for its site legend and structure in general. It states that WM is a company that offers powerful new servers for rent, which are located in the United Kingdom. Their high-tech equipment are ready for operation and meets all quality requirements and technical characteristics for such devices. Company has offers 5 different investment plans to start investing with. Program supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvancedCash and Payeer. The minimum amount to start investing and depositing process is $15 (100 GH/s) and the maximum amount is some crazy exabytes that will cost you around $300,000. Withdrawal requests are processed manually within 24 hours, in some cases, the time frame can vary, for example, in case of technical issues. Also note that profits can be withdrawn On Monday and Thursday. Days of withdrawal can be changed at the discretion of management. Don't forget to check their WM Pool page. It is the latest added feature that offers you to sell your computing power. Have questions? Feel free to land on Support page and contact administrator and his team by using either ticket system or e-mail, nothing special there to be honest. And final part of our review is about technical aspects of the site. We like very much when script is licensed, in this case WM is using custom and unique modified script that gives another Plus to program, it is using genuine EV SSL issued by COMODO CA, the certificate will expire in 5 months and it is hosted on a dedicated server.

#3 AK47 was added to Premium listing 42 days ago. Site legend says that starting in 2014 their team began to advance in crypto trade. At first, they had many failures as the cryptocurrency market was not the same as usual financial asset market cause of it`s volatility and another features. However, 2 years later they have not only returned all their funds spent on getting experience in the area of crypto-currency trading but increased invested funds more than 20 times excluding cryptocurrency growth. Program promises to pay 4% for 50 business days. Minimum deposit is just $5, 0.01 BTC, 0.01 BCH, 0.1 LTC, 0.01 ETH, 0.01 DASH. According to the unlimited number of deposits, total amount of deposits are also unlimited. All you need to do to open a deposit, is generate it and pay the invoice, payouts will be made automatically on your payment requisites every working day, from Monday through Friday without any involvement and actions on your side so you do not even need to visit our website. Note that payouts to Perfect Money, Payeer and AdvCash will be transmitted on the wallet you invested with. Like we said before, first profit from your initial deposit will arrive after 24 business hours exactly directly to your provided payment gateway ID, no need to visit the website or check anything, everything is automatically made. At this moment, AK47 is monitored by 66(!) well known monitoring websites, they are listing it as Paying and we don't have any bad reports yet, so everything seems to be running smoothly like silk. Program admin also purchased several 728 banners for 60 days. It means that more aggressive promotional campaign has been started officially. Not much to say about support page, it has just a ticket system, so if you will have a question not described in their F.A.Q, feel free to contact admin using that option. Site is using custom script, design is unique created by professional designers, it has genuine and valid SSL certificate issued by COMODO CA, it expires in 7 months and 17 days, AK47 is hosted on a dedicated server and has a DDoS protection from GeniusGuard corporation.

#4 FairMining or also known as FM, has been added to Premium listing 44 days ago. Site legend says that FM is a new, convenient, easy-to-use client portal for the simultaneous extraction of well-known and highly profitable crypto-currencies. Their service offers a multi-level profitability system from 1 to 3% per day and a bonus program for partners. FM offers flexible plans, you will earn from 30% to 90% per month, depending on the size of your investment. Principal is included to daily payments, just don't forget to set percentage slider to 200% and system will calculate all your daily and monthly earnings instead of you. The minimum amount to start investing is $1, BTC 0.001, LTC 0.1, DOGE 1000 and above, the minimum amount to request is $1, BTC 0.002, LTC 0.1, DOGE 3000. Program is supporting many popular payment gateways such as: PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly but in some cases it may take a while. During withdrawal request, double check if provided information is correct, script is not saving an information about payment gateways, you'll have to fill it on your own each time. If you don't want to invest your own money, you can promote them using some tools. Grab your referral link and promotional banners from Partners page and start promoting FairMining using social media platforms like Facebook, Google or Twitter. It supports multi level referral program and you will receive 7% as a reward from your first level referrals and again 7% from amount of Gh/s purchased by your partner. Also, you will receive 5Gh/s as a bonus for each new user if he or she will register an account using your referral link. Support options is weak here, there is no chance to visit their support page. The only thing you can do is to contact program admin by e-mail, that's it. Technical side is good. FM is using custom modified script, it has genuine and valid SSL issued by COMODO CA, the certificate will expire in 11 months and 1 day, site is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by CloudFlare Technologies.

#5 Ex-sleeper known as 12GD or 12 Great Days finishes our TOP5 programs list for today. It was added to Basic listing 125 days ago. Several weeks earlier, admin changed design, texts, plans and an official promotional campaign has been started. Site legend says that 12 GD specializes in the development of auto-concepts for corporate giants and enterprises working in the automotive industry, as well as for private collectors and craftsmen collecting unique models of cars. 90% of their ideas have already been implemented, the remaining 10% are being prepared for implementation, and they are proud of such achievements. 12GD offers 6 plans and these are: 12% daily for 12 days - 13% daily for 12 days - 14% daily for 12 day and 16% daily for 12 days. The minimum amount to start investing is $50 and the maximum amount per one deposit is $100,000. You can use their calculator to calculate profits within seconds and create a strategy for yourself. Program accepts default but very popular payment gateways in the industry such as PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvancedCash and Bitcoin. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly without any delays, please note that the minimum amount required to request a withdrawal using Bitcoin is $200. If you will have a questions about 12GD program in general, feel free to visit their support page. There is not too many support options to choose from, just ticket system and that's it. You can also click on that Verify button to verify their certificate of an incorporation but guys, please do not spend your valued time on this. Communication is on very basic level between member and support team and unfortunately this is a big minus to program, we hope that admin will integrate live chat and more options to choose from as soon as possible. What about technical aspects you might ask? Everything looks fine. 12GD is using licensed GoldCoders script, it is using genuine and valid EV SSL (Greenbar) issued by COMODO CA and it will expire in 9 months and 5 days, it is hosted on a shared server with DDoS protection provided by Cover DNS.

These was TOP5 quick reviews for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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