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TOP5 HYIP Programs of November

04 December, 2017

Hey guys. Today we want to start the new week with an updated reviews of TOP5 best performing programs. But before doing this, there are some bad news coming from an industry. First of all, be more careful with BestInvestments. Something really strange happens with this investment platform, we got several reports about pending withdrawal requests for more than 72 hours and confirmed them, but the thing is that program admin is processing more bigger requests rather than smaller ones, we sent an e-mail and ask him to give some information about what is going on with his program, got no answer. Automatic Currency Operations or known as ACO has been moved to Problem listing too, due to confirmed bad report and pending withdrawal requests so do not invest there too. Also, Tradex Top Limited and Profit Polis has been moved to Scam listing due to pending requests for more than 48 hours so do not invest there at all. That program admins are not processing any withdrawal requests, even if you will request just $1. OK folks, now it's time to start our updated introductions of the best programs for previous month:

#1 The leadership and silent giant of the HYIP industry Renaissance Invest or also known as RI, purchased all banner spaces again for 60 days. Program is doing great and is online for more than 326 days. Site legend says that this program invests in perspective and innovative projects since 2012. They perform in-depth analysis of every new project and scrupulously evaluate any possible risks. Investment program supports 3 different plans to choose from. Admin has also changed some plans and corrected them to better maintain the program. The latest added plans are: Beginner: Rate – 0.8%. Minimum principal - 10$. Principal time - 90 days. Principal back any time without penalty. Stable: Rate – 1%. Minimum principal - 100$. Principal time - 90 days.Principal back any time without penalty. Progressive: Rate – 1.2%. Minimum principal - 1000$. Principal time - 90 days. Principal back any time without penalty. Profit calculation is performed once per every calendar day. It also supports compounding option, you can set the ratio from 0% to 100%. Program supports default payment gateways like: PerfectMoney in US/EU currencies, OKPay, AdvancedCash and Bitcoin. Withdrawal requests are processed manually by the admin and his team. Have some questions? Leave your feedback at their Contacts page either by e-mail or by calling to their customer support team by phone. Technical side is good, SSL certificate is issued by COMODO CA, the script is modified by professional programmer and it is hosted on a dedicated server provided by host company.

#2 Chain Group becomes another successful hit of the months. Known as CG, it was added to Premium listing 136 days ago and later promoted to Sticky by the admin. Site legend says that at, those who want to make money on crypto-currency exchanges meet those who is good at doing it. If you want to start investing here, you need to fund your newly created account with either using PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer or Bitcoin (Using coinpayments payment gateway). Once funds will be loaded, just navigate to their stats and trade groups list, choose a suitable investment plan and click on make an investment. This program supports four investment plans to choose from. These are: 1. BitStrong - Variable profit, from 0.1% up to 3% daily for 250 days, compounding is possible and early principal withdraw with 30% fee available, 2. Dragon Foundation - Variable profit, from 0.1% up to 6% daily for 180 days, compounding is not possible and early principal withdraw with 50% fee available, 3. T.G. Thomas - Variable profit, from 0.1% up to 1.7% daily for 300 days, compounding is possible and early principal withdraw with 20% fee available, 4. Chain Trade Group - Stable profit, 0.2% daily for 500 days, compounding is possible and no early principal withdraw available. Withdrawal requests are processed manually by the administration within several hours. If you have any questions or just want to talk with admin about his program, you can do it by visiting their support page which includes a telephone number and a ticket system with recaptcha protection. Site looks normal when we are talking about technical aspects. It is using custom modified script, has genuine and valid SSL issued by COMODO CA, and it is hosted on CloudFlare.

#3 Solis or also known as "Diamond venture" has been added to Premium listing 47 days ago, it is getting more popular among our readers and referrals. Site legend says that Investing in precious stones have long been considered a profitable and reliable business, because the price of precious stones is regularly rising. Solis has several tariff plans that are available to any investor by the investment amount, the amount of the interest received and much more, guys don't forget that this is just text and it has nothing to do with real business. It has ordinary investment plans all these plans will offer investment returns of 17% to 31% per month or something like that. In order to start investing, it is enough for you to make a deposit from $1. Solis supports all popular payment gateways such as: PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash and Bitcoin. Withdrawal requests are processed manually by admin each Friday and the huge plus to program is an ability to deposit using one e-currency and request payment using different one, at least such thing is stated in their F.A.Q. If you have any questions, feel free to contact an admin by contacting using either live chat or ticket system, they work around the clock. Nothing much to say about customer support page. What about technical side? It looks good. Site is using custom modified script, it has genuine SSL certificate that was issued by COMODO CA and the site is hosted on a dedicated server.

#4 World Mining or also known as WM has been added to Premium listing just 17 days ago and deserved a place in TOP listing for its site legend and structure in general. It states that WM is a company that offers powerful new servers for rent, which are located in the United Kingdom. Their high-tech equipment are ready for operation and meets all quality requirements and technical characteristics for such devices. Company has offers 5 different investment plans to start investing with. Program supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvancedCash and Payeer. The minimum amount to start investing and depositing process is $15 (100 GH/s) and the maximum amount is some crazy exabytes that will cost you around $300,000. Withdrawal requests are processed manually within 24 hours, in some cases, the time frame can vary, for example, in case of technical issues. Also note that profits can be withdrawn On Monday and Thursday. Days of withdrawal can be changed at the discretion of management. Have questions? Feel free to land on Support page and contact administrator and his team by using either ticket system or e-mail, nothing special there to be honest. And final part of our review is about technical aspects of the site. We like very much when script is licensed, in this case WM is using custom and unique modified script that gives another Plus to program, it is using genuine EV SSL issued by COMODO CA, the certificate will expire in 345 days and it is hosted on a dedicated server.

#5 And the final program is the legendary CBT or also known as City Build Trade. We couldn't include this program simply because it deserves to be here. Imagine guys for how many days, admin is managing the "Sleeper" and is maintaining program. CityBuildTrade was added 1378(!!!) days ago to our Premium listing, things being changed, even some popular payment gateways in the past became scam, but CBT is here and with us. It doesn’t have neither professional design nor unique legend, site says about activity in construction industry, don’t trust too heavy in it. Program supports only 1 investment plan offering: 102% after 7 days. Meanwhile it’s not promoted somewhere else, many members who joined it from day 1 are in very good profits. Do not pay much attention on their header. It supports PerfectMoney and Payeer only. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly by the system. Got questions? Use their support page to send a ticket to admin. He is acting like "sleeping beauty" sometimes we were waiting for his response for 2 weeks. Interesting isn’t it? Worth a try for sure.

These was TOP5 quick reviews for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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