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TOP5 HYIP Programs of October

03 November, 2017

Hey guys. How was the Halloween party? Did somebody scared you or have you made a jack-o'-lantern, one of the symbols of Halloween ? Personally, I don't like all these stuff, nothing is better to spend sometime with lovely family and after that, drink some bottles of wine with friends somewhere. OK, enough lyric episodes from my life and lets get back to business. For the past month or also known as Black October, almost 10 programs have been moved to Scam listings due to pending withdrawal requests, hacking attempts and other fairy-tales. We are not going to names here because it's already history. Today, time has come to publish updated news and introductions of TOP5 best programs from the industry for October month, while we have a lot of new programs, it's too early to include them to TOP listings, many programs are just one or two weeks old. So guys, sit down if you are standing and get up if you are sitting, prepare some hot tea or coffee and here we go:

#1 RI is one of the most popular programs among my referrals. Previously we said that it is becoming a silent flagship of the industry, now it is a flagship without any doubts. Program was added to Standard listing 296 days ago and then program admin have promoted it to Premium. By site legend, this program invests in perspective and innovative projects since 2012. They perform in-depth analysis of every new project and scrupulously evaluate any possible risks. Investment program supports 3 different plans to choose from. Starter offers 1.60% daily for 180 business days with the amount of $10 to start, Regular offers 1.80% daily for 180 business days with the amount of $100, Advanced with 2% daily for 180 business days and the minimum amount of $1000 to start an investment journey. Profit calculation is performed once per every calendar day. It also supports compounding option, you can set the ratio from 0% to 100%. Program supports default payment gateways like: PerfectMoney in US/EU currencies, OKPay, AdvancedCash and Bitcoin. Withdrawal requests are processed manually by the admin and his team. Have some questions? Leave your feedback at their Contacts page either by e-mail or by calling to their customer support team by phone. Technical side is good, SSL certificate is issued by COMODO CA, the script is modified by professional programmer and it is hosted on a dedicated server provided by host company. But guys don't forget that all these programs are games so they can disappear even tomorrow. Always invest your hard earned money wisely.

#2 Aimvestment is a group of traders who have experience of more than 8 years. Armed with this experience, they want to expand their business by inviting investors to join the program and start making money by doing an activities in Forex, local business and other markets and firms (This is a site legend). Program was added to Premium listing 210 days ago and it is becoming more popular among our readers. This program has four investment plans to choose from. Plan 1: min 0.2% - max 1.25% per workday. Total Payback 120% - Plan 2: min 0.2% - max 1.4% per workday. Total Payback 130% - Plan 3: min 0.2% - max 1.6% per workday. Total Payback 140% - VIP Plan: min 0.2% - max 2% per workday. Total Payback 150%. Note from the beginning that you need to invest money to your account wallet first, and then make a deposit to plan. To do so, just login to your created account, press on "Wallet" button, choose your wallet and amount, hit on "Complete" button. After that, navigate to "Investment" page, choose suitable plan for you, enter desired amount and click "Make deposit". Withdrawal requests are processed instantly, the program is still in "Waiting" listing because we didn't get our first profit yet, as you know program pays on business days only. Have some more questions about program or anything else? Don't forget to log out first simply because you won't find any support options there if you are signed in. Support page has only default ticket system and nothing else. Technical aspects are good. Site is using custom version of surfscriptpro, it is hosted on a dedicated server and has a valid SSL certificate issued by Starfield Secure Certificate Authority - G2 or also known as GoDaddy. With smart advertising campaign this program has some chances to become something interesting, but please do not forget about HYIP rules.

#3 Chain Group Service or also known as CGS is something different than most investment programs of the HYIP industry. The investment program was added to Standard listing whooping 105 days ago and later, program admin purchased all banner spaces and Sticky listing position. So, this investment program and the administration says that at, those who want to make money on crypto-currency exchanges meet those who is good at doing it. First of all, if you want to start investing here, you need to fund your newly created account with either using PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer or Bitcoin (Using coinpayments payment gateway). Once funds will be loaded, just navigate to their stats and trade groups list, choose a suitable investment plan and click on make an investment. This program supports four investment plans to choose from. These are: 1. BitStrong - Variable profit, from 0.1% up to 3% daily for 250 days, compounding is possible and early principal withdraw with 30% fee available, 2. Dragon Foundation - Variable profit, from 0.1% up to 6% daily for 180 days, compounding is not possible and early principal withdraw with 50% fee available, 3. T.G. Thomas - Variable profit, from 0.1% up to 1.7% daily for 300 days, compounding is possible and early principal withdraw with 20% fee available, 4. Chain Trade Group - Stable profit, 0.2% daily for 500 days, compounding is possible and no early principal withdraw available. Withdrawal requests are processed manually by the administration within several hours. If you have any questions or just want to talk with admin about his program, you can do it by visiting their support page which includes a telephone number and a ticket system with recaptcha protection. Site looks normal when we are talking about technical aspects. It is using custom modified script, has genuine and valid SSL issued by COMODO CA, and it is hosted on CloudFlare.

#4 We couldn't include this program simply because it deserves to be here. Imagine guys for how many days, admin is managing the "Sleeper" and is maintaining program. CityBuildTrade was added 1347(!!!) days ago to our Premium listing, things being changed, even some popular payment gateways in the past became scam, but CBT is here and with us. It doesn’t have neither professional design nor unique legend, site says about activity in construction industry, don’t trust too heavy in it. Program supports only 1 investment plan offering: 102% after 7 days. Meanwhile it’s not promoted somewhere else, many members who joined it from day 1 are in very good profits. Do not pay much attention on their header. It supports PerfectMoney and Payeer only. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly by the system. Got questions? Use their support page to send a ticket to admin. He is acting like "sleeping beauty" sometimes we were waiting for his response for 2 weeks. Interesting isn’t it? Worth a try for sure.

#5 The last program from our TOP listing will be another sleeper and guerilla of the HYIP industry. Many of users know its name but huge amount have no idea. So please welcome SolidTradeBank or also known as STB. It was added to Premium listing 1302 days ago. Site legend says that it is a financial institution with a long history. Like other banks with traditional principles their company aims to extract maximum from the opportunities they have while operating assets of their customers. Investment program has only one plan to choose from, it will pay just 0.5% daily for 20 business days. It supports just basic payment gateways such as: PerfectMoney and Payeer, it doesn't even have neither AdvancedCash nor Bitcoin at this moment. Support page has some signs of human activity. Have a question? Feel free to contact them using default ticket system, we are unsure if you will get any answer anytime soon from them, because it's a sleeper program but with hugest potential. Take a closer look, you won't regret.

These was TOP5 quick reviews for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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