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Why Not Review

03 February, 2017


Hello readers, boys and girls, we are here with another fresh and honest review of brand new program that has been added to premium listing 10 days ago, and received a lot of positive feedback among many readers and some referrals. Why Not or also known as investment company is a team of traders, consisting of more than 20 professional experts in their field. We successfully analyze the market for over 12 years and we invest in promising start-ups in our opinion or embody our ideas into reality. Today, and as usual we will review its investment plans, affiliate program, advertising budget, customer support team and all stuff about technical specifications. Do you think it's worth to take a closer look to it or just forget like "rain after dinner"? Let's find it out together. Why not?

  • Investment Plans:

So, as we said before Why Not occupies a leading position in the market due to the close-knit team of professionals and the diverse approaches in the development of our common cause, and also due to the fact that we are constantly introducing new technology (They are talking about blockchain technology in general, and don’t forget that this is just a site legend.) Why Not Has 3 different investment plans to choose from. First plan is called “Standard”, it offers 3% daily for forever, it means that if you will deposit your funds today, you will get daily profit till the end of life. The minimum amount required to start an investment journey here is just $10 and the maximum is $999. The second plan is “Premium” for professional players, it will offer 3.5% daily for forever and the minimum required to start deposit process here is $1,000 and the maximum is $9,999. We don’t discuss the third plan, it is turned off for now, and nobody knows when it will be available, but anyway we do hope that you know and remember our investment advice about investment plans don’t you?

Are you ready to join Why Not investment program and start receiving your daily profits? If yes, then you need to register an account there. The registration process is free and simple. All you have to do is to navigate to “Registration” button fill-in your credentials such as your username, e-mail, password, tick and agree to their terms of service and hit on “Sign Up” button. Your account will be created instantly. Now, login to it, (you can force site to remember your login and user data) and navigate to “Make deposit” page. Choose the investment plan, desired payment gateway and paste an amount and hit “Make Deposit” button, or tick “Deposit from balance” box if you want to make a deposit from your account balance. is supporting just basic payment gateways and these are: PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly, and this is a plus to program.

  • Affiliate Program:

Each and every program from the industry has an option called affiliate program to reward active promoters. If you want to earn some extra cash for yourself or somebody else, this option is for you without any doubts. Just login to your members account area and navigate to “Referral system” page. There you will find an option to grab either direct referral link or their affiliate banner. As a reward, you will get 10% from the first level referral, or 12.5% if you deposit at least 1000$.

Why Not has started its own representative program, where people from all around the world can join it and begin promoting this investment platform to new heights. All representatives have been verified and they have enough knowledge about company to help you in the entire process: opening an account with it, creating online payment account, funding it and investing in To become a local representative with improved affiliate program (15%) you should fulfill next conditions: 1) To make a deposit. 2) To engage 20 partners or more. 3) The total amount of your partner investments should exceed 5.000$ 4) To add the advertisement of “Why not” to your site or to the pages of social networks, also it could be a video review of the project “Why not”, too much requirements for Premium representative don’t you think so?

  • Advertising Budget:

Everything is OK here as well. Why Not has been added to Premium listing 10 days ago, program admin purchased sticky listing position for 2 weeks, this is a good sign without any doubts. After checking Why Not’s rating page, we found that it has been approved and monitored by established and popular monitors. It is listed in 17 monitoring websites.

Don’t forget to check ALL HYIP Monitors button before making an investment. Admin seems to be professional. He knows perfectly the rule about rushing in the industry and that it may kill the program within several days, on the other hand it may be very useful in terms of getting new deposits and members. The best way to stay alive is to promote program wisely. Good luck and best wishes to admin.

  • Support:

Do you have some additional questions or maybe you just want to test their speed? If so, you can contact their support team by either using internal ticket system or by using their Feedback form. Want even more additional help? Don't be shy and ask whatever you want to ask by contacting official representatives. If you don't understand English, there is an option to change it to some other languages like Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese or Turkish, good job admin.

Their customer support team is very friendly and responsive. We received an answer on our test ticket within just twenty minutes. You can contact them by using Telegram chat option too. Anyway, there is nothing special in support options.

  • Script, Security & Web Design:

Technical aspects are also awesome. Site is using licensed H-Script, it is hosted on a dedicated server and has genuine SSL from COMODO CA. Design is unique and looks good, same thing we can tell about fonts, they look pretty good too.

And to make a final summary of the program, lets repeat once again a golden rule of the industry: Do not spend what you cannot afford to lose. This program has absolutely all chances to take a much higher place in the HYIP industry within coming weeks. With instant withdrawal system, polite customer support team, licensed script, unique design and awesome fonts, it can attract your attention. But you have to note that it is High Yield Investment Program and such programs may go down or become SCAM sooner or later. Think twice before investing all your earned money to it and don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance. Why Not?

Thank you for reading Why Not review.

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