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Kegworth assets management LP is a global investment firm founded in 2005. We manage approximately 890 million of capital for our investors. Kegworth has offices in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Africa and is registered as an investment adviser with the U.K Securities and Exchange Commission. Since its inception, Kegworth has employed a research intensive, long-term focused investment approach. We use fundamental analysis to select investments, primarily public and private equity interests, across industries and geographies. We generally invest in companies based on a thorough assessment of their business models and fundamentals, the quality of their management teams and cyclical and secular industry trends. Our organizational structure decentralizes investment research, analysis and decision-making and centralizes risk management. This approach enables us to capitalize on a broad range of ideas and expertise while ensuring that risks are reviewed and managed comprehensively and with clear accountability. We are committed to delivering excellence across all functions and actively seek to manage business and operational risks.


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