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HYIP News | CoinExtender Review

18 May, 2019


Hey guys and girls. One of the worst weeks in HYIP industry is about to be over. It was true nightmare for all of us when one program after another were moved to Problem listings. Let’s start with one of the most stable and promising programs Caribbean Dream, there are rumours that program have stopped paying and we got several bad reports from members. We are moving it to Problem listing due to all these reports and pending withdrawal requests for more than 48 hours. It had some delays in the past too, but admin was very responsive, now we got no answer from him. Another big hit Grailum has been moved to Problem listing due to big problems with host provider. OilInv admin has stopped paying completely and he is not responding to our emails at all, program has been moved to Scam listing and our advice is to forget this program once and forever. Coin Hourly has also been moved to Scam listing; game is over here. We think that many players have abandoned industry for now due to so called one-day-programs. Their admins have no idea how to manage and run a program for as long as possible. These was all bad news for today, guys. As for the good news, we prepared new and honest review about possible next big program. Are you ready to meet it and earn some money? Here we go:

Coin Extender or also known as CE has been added to Basic listing 16 days ago and now it is getting more and more popular among our readers and referrals. It has unique design and site legend. It says that Coin Extender Group is involved in mining cryptocurrency by means of modern, up-to-date equipment. They mine the most profitable coins overtime. Now, they intend to extend our farm by offering partnership to willing investors and sharing the outcome with them. But before making any new deposits, you need to have an account. This is a different type of script so it will ask you to post your Bitcoin wallet address and a new password. Click on Register button and make sure that you have copied your BTC address from BlockChain (As an example) and set a good, strong and unique password for CE. After this, just press on Register button and your account would be created within seconds. Starting from now on, you are an official member of Coin Extender Mining platform. Login to your newly created account and navigate to Plans page. Choose suitable investment plan and click on Order Now button. After sending your funds to provided account, don't forget to press on Verify deposit button. CE offers 13 investment plans to choose from, can you imagine it?

So, first plan or also known as Starter offers 0.0003 BTC per day for 90 days and the minimum amount required to start investing here is 0.002 BTC; Basic offers 0.00007750 BTC per day for 90 days (Minimum is: 0.005 BTC); Standard offers 0.00015900 BTC per day for 90 days (Minimum is: 0.010 BTC); Premium offers 0.00040500 BTC per day for 90 days (Minimum is: 0.025 BTC); Exclusive offers 0.00082500 BTC per day for 90 days (Minimum is: 0.050 BTC); Enterprise offers 0.00168000 BTC per day for 90 days (Minimum is: 0.100 BTC); Platinum offers 0.00427500 BTC per day for 90 days (Minimum is: 0.250 BTC); VIP offers 0.00609000 BTC per day for 90 days (Minimum is: 0.350); VIP Plus offers 0.00885000 BTC per day for 90 days (Minimum is: 0.500 BTC); Rapid offers 0.00054400 BTC per day for 45 days (Minimum is 0.020 BTC); Quick offers 0.00110400 BTC per day for 45 days (Minimum is: 0.040 BTC); Express offers 0.00224000 BTC per day for 45 days (Minimum is: 0.080 BTC); Swift offers 0.00456000 BTC per day for 45 days (Minimum is 0.160 BTC). As you know already, CE supports Bitcoin as a payment gateway, there is also DogeCoin version of the site but due to low demand on that currency, we won't discuss it here. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly without any delays. Please note that multiple registrations are prohibited. If the project administration detects the fact of in compliance with this rule, all accounts of the investor who breached it will be automatically blocked without returning funds from the accounts. If you don't want to spend time on creating account and investing your own hard-earned money there, CE has an affiliate program. Login to your member account area using your BTC address, copy their attractive banners from Affiliate Data page and start promoting CE on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, you can also upload their banner to your blog or website. You will earn from 0.5% to 5% every time your referral gets upgrade depending on your plan. At this moment, CE is monitored by just 6 monitoring websites and all of them are listing it as Paying, we don't have any bad reports from members, so everything seems to be working fine. If you have any questions, feel free to contact their support team by submitting a ticket, or contacting them using Facebook and Telegram. Good program needs good hardware, this is the rule. CE is not an exception. It is using custom modified script, it has genuine and valid SSL issued by Sectigo RSA, it will expire in 9 months and 24 days, CE is hosted on a shared server. Well guys, we want to say that despite the fact that HYIP industry is in very deep crisis for the past several years, it had some great programs in the past, it has some good programs now and it will have some good programs in the future for sure. This is like it works and it's like a cycle. Always think twice before making any investments to HYIP programs because:

High Yield Investment Program is a game. HYIP admins ARE NOT investing your money to Forex, Gold, Crude Oil, Crypto-Currencies etc. They are waiting for new deposits, to process your withdrawal request and these cycles will end once there will be not enough income. So, always think twice before investing your hard-earned money. These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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