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HYIP News | Doubly Review

29 November, 2018


Hey guys, weekend is coming, and we hope that you will spend your valued time with your friends and family, of course don't forget to check our site for the latest news from HYIP industry. A giant flagship has been moved to Scam listing yesterday, we are talking about Splitt. Previously we received several emails from them where admin was talking about bright future and that everything will be OK but... Splitt turned into ashes of singularity. Another promising program BTC Pro has been moved to Scam listing too due to selective payments. Our referrals are not getting their requests for more than 72 hours, so such kind of tricks are not tolerated here. Do not invest there. These two programs are dead officially.

For the past week, one program was added to Basic listing. InQuantum is an investment quantum fund based on artificial intelligence technologies. All investment decisions are made automatically based on mathematical models. The fund aims to identify undervalued assets, optimize the share of certain assets in the investment portfolio and determine the best time to invest in various stocks and other areas, while ensuring high profitability. Of course, don't forget that this is a site legend and it has nothing to do with real business. We will get back to it if program admin will start more aggressive promo campaign. At this moment, program is Paying fine and you can take a closer look to it. Looks good and very promising. But today, we want to publish another fresh and honest review about another possible flagship for coming several months. Program looks great and it has all chances to become a hit of December. So, here we go guys, get ready and let’s start our journey:

Doubly or also known as DY has been added to Premium listing just eleven days ago and it is becoming more popular among our readers and referrals. Admin promoted his program to Sticky listing and purchased all banner spaces for whooping 120 days. Program has unique design, custom written script and site legend. It says that DY is successful AI-oriented crypto-trading company. Their solutions are complex, automated and using the market's leading self-learning trading program, which aims at high profits within a short period of time. AI gives them the prospect of hundreds of correct trading decisions in matters of seconds, sounds good huh? Before start trading and receiving profits from their website, you need to create an account there. You won't find any registration buttons there, all you must do is to scroll webpage to bottom using your mouse wheel, check their Trading Packages and click on Doubly blue button. DY offers several investment plans to choose from and these are: 1). Standard package - Minimum investment: 0.002 BTC, profit interval: 6 hours, return on invest: 36 days, package end: 72 days, Total profit: 200% (2.72% per day) 2). Exclusive Package - Minimum investment: 0.08 BTC, Profit interval: 12 hours, return on invest: 27 days, package end: 54 days, total profit: 200% (3.67% per day) 3). VIP Package - Minimum investment: 1 BTC, profit interval: 24 hours, return on invest: 22 days, package end: 44 days, total profit: 200% (4.50% per day). Our recommendation is to stick with either first or second investment packages. Do not invest to VIP packages at all. It is too risky. Program supports many crypto-payment gateways such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and BitcoinCash. All daily profits are sent to your payment account directly. Currently, the minimum deposit is as low as 0.002 BTC/ 0.3 LTC/ 0.08 ETH/ 0.08 DASH/ 0.06 BCH. Each withdraw will be processed automatically in each 24 hour-period, from the time you’ve created the deposit. The total amount of deposits is unlimited as well as the maximum deposit value. Their current minimum withdraw limit is 0.001 BTC/ 0.15 LTC/ 0.04 ETH/ 0.04 DASH/ 0.03 BCH.

If you don't want to spend much time here, you can start receiving few bucks by referring people to DY. To generate your referral link, scroll down the webpage once again and look at Referral system column, enter your wallet address there and press on Get my referral link, link will be generated instantly so you will have an ability to start promoting DY everywhere. Paste that link on your blog or social media platforms like Facebook, Google or Twitter. You can grab their intro video where a voice of Justin Bieber is telling and explaining everything regards program. As a partner of DY, you will get rewards for promoting their program to new heights. Affiliate program will bring you a 15% commission after every single deposit your referral makes; the percentage is paid daily until the 15% target is reached (5% instantly and 0.5%, daily paid for 20 consecutive days). If you have Telegram, you can connect their bot. In order to use the Telegram Bot, all you must do is to start the bot and submit your personal link or click on the “Connect with Telegram” button at the web page to connect automatically. Please note that having multiple accounts under one holder or more holders in one household is a strict disregard against the terms and conditions. They use several security features to fetch multiple accounts. Should they recognize any suspicious occurrence, then all accounts related to this will be permanently blocked unless there is evidence that militates against blocking. At this moment, DY is monitored by 11 monitoring websites and all of them are listing it as Paying, we didn't receive any bad reports too, so everything is running very smoothly at this time. If you have questions, feel free to contact their support team by using either email or Telegram chat, you can also start online conversation using Live Chat option, or post your questions on their social media profiles. Technical aspect looks gorgeous. Doubly is using custom written script that costs at least several thousand of US Dollars, it has genuine and valid SSL certificated issued by COMODO CA, it expires in 5 months and 29 days. DY is running on dedicated server with DDoS protection issued by CloudFlare Technologies. Well guys, this site looks interesting to us, it has all features to attract as many investors as possible but please remember one thing that it is... HYIP. What is it? Please read that text down below:

High Yield Investment Program is a game. HYIP admins ARE NOT investing your money to Forex, Gold, Crude Oil, Crypto-Currencies etc. They are waiting for new deposits, to process your withdrawal request and these cycles will end once there will be not enough income. So, always think twice before investing your hard-earned money. These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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