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HYIP News | H-Keeper Review

13 January, 2019

Hey guys. How are your things going? Today, CIS countries are celebrating old New Year so if you are in Moscow, you have a chance to re-celebrate this beautiful day once again. now let’s talk about business. Unfortunately, but Luxearn is moved to Scam listing due to selective payments, we confirmed bad report successfully and as you know, selective payments here are not and won't be tolerated at all, so stay away from that program and don't make new deposits. It's sad to see that almost 90 monitoring websites are still listing it as Paying while a lot of people already sent tons of bad reports to them.

On the other hand, this are all bad news for today. As for the good news, for the past week, new program was added to Premium listing. Admin did a great job by introducing something unique to HYIP players. The program has a modified licensed script, unique design and legend: WeenZee - a network of cryptocurrency specialists, traders and financiers. Thanks to the community and new trading strategies, Weenzee directs the flow of funds into the right channels to manage the market for 200 billion. We will publish detailed review about this site within coming weeks, but for now you can just click on that link and take a closer look, you won't be disappointed for sure. And today we want to continue our talk about H script team, they have another product to offer.

Previously at we did a review of H-Script that you can read here. Today we are going to review a program called H-Keeper, formally known as Liberty Keeper. With the help of H-Keeper you can conveniently work with payment systems without having to visit their sites, remembering passwords and enter the PIN codes. To begin with, first you need to download software from HERE. Don’t worry, the software was tested by Kaspersky Total Security, so it is 100% virus and malware free. After installation process will be over, you will see the main window of the program so you will have to configure it correctly. To run the program successfully, first you need to have a valid PerfectMoney account. If you don’t have it yet, simply click on hyperlink and register an account for FREE. If you do have it, you need to configure your PerfectMoney‘s Application Programming Interface first (API).

Log into your account and select the “Security Center” (this is the top menu, next to language switching).

Find for an item “API”, and if it is disabled – click “Enable” button.

Setting mask of IP-address from which will be possible to access the API-interface. To do this, click “Edit” button and specify a mask for your IP-address (e.g. 109.201. *. *) If you don’t know how to find your IP, visit this page -

Sometimes, if you have dynamic IPs you should change the first digits (for example: my IP addresses are being changed within day from 109.201.x.x to 109.200.x.x so we must set dynamic range for them: 109.201. *. *; 109.200. *. *) – in the settings of API, you can specify several masks separated by semicolons (;). If you do have a static IP all you have to do is just set permanent IP address, post tuning image number and hit “Edit” button. Done … If everything went correctly – we now can use it safely.

Run H-Keeper from windows by pressing start menu button if you are on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, (It is recommended to run the program as an administrator). Just click right mouse button on application and select “Run as administrator”. Enter your PerfectMoney account ID, but not U… number, it is important to note, and your password also known as PassPhrase, and hit the,” Login,” button. Also, please double-check your PC’s time and date and synchronize it if it is out-of-date. If everything goes OK, you should be connected to your account via H-Keeper within several seconds like is shown on a picture below. H-Keeper has several options and functions to discuss and share. From upper left corner to the right you see “Program” - “Settings” - “Reference Books” - “Buy Advertising”. “Program” option consists of 5 features:

Hide program – simply click on it and H-Keeper will be hidden to task bar.
Show schedule payment – if you do have some schedule payments it / they will appear in little box.
Check payment – if you want to check a payment click on that feature.
About – shows the information about developer team.
Exit – closes program permanently.

“Settings” option consists of several features such as:

Select language – user has an ability to choose his or her favourite language like English, Russian or Ukrainian.
Check new version at start-up – you can tick this feature and program will notify you if there is new build available to download and install.
Set “Date From” on date your last visit – you can be notified when was your last visit.
Hide “From/To account” history and digits – activate the feature if you want to hide last x digits for example set it to 3 and the last 3 digits won’t appear in account history.
Add hash-code to payment information – leave this feature by default turned on.
Security and password settings – If you are behind proxy or firewall you need to configure it manually by entering your data there such as your proxy username and password. If you want to increase H-Keeper security, you must set passwords for run and for payments, use strong and long passwords with combinations with letters and numbers. Please write down it to paper and save .key file to flash drive. H-Keeper also supports correspondent and memo ref-books.

To make a payment using H-Keeper all you have to do is to move mouse cursor to your account number U… and press right mouse button, choose “Make Payment” option and post there details of the payment such as To and Amount and press OK button, payment will be made within several seconds and you will receive notification from the task bar generated by H-Keeper. If you would like to start an advertising campaign with H-Keeper, simply click on “Buy Advertising” button and you will be redirected to the page where you can purchase banner place directly in program. Advertising banner will be placed at the top of the program window, it increases the conversion of traffic. You will be able to order advertising of exchanger or HYIP project using the form below for various periods – from 1 week to 6 months. When ordering advertising for a long-time substantial discount are provided.

H-Keeper is safe and trust to work with. Data exchange with sites of payment systems are established via secure https protocol. Your password for API-interface is not stored anywhere on the computer (if you do not specify otherwise. But in this case, it will be stored in encrypted form); When sending a request to PerfectMoney website, the password is encrypted using the algorithm SHA256. This means that even catching a line it is impossible to decipher. After installing the software, it is desirable to move the entire folder to a USB flash drive and continue to work only with the flash drive; Set a password to run and to make a payment; Formed in this file h-keeper.key (it will be in the folder Set) move to some safe place. This file is required if you decide to change passwords.

If you read our review of H-Keeper and found the software useful but you have any additional questions, we recommend you contact developer team, skype: Telegram: Mail: s @

This is it for now guys, thank you for your time and see you soon.

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