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HYIP News | Heared about HYIP Recovery companies?

23 February, 2019

Hello guys, there was not much news coming from program admins for the past week, so we decided to make an investigation about all these "We will help you to recover lost money from HYIP". Let’s be honest with each other, how many times you saw or heard such phrases? at least once for sure. These cheap fraudsters are using dirty tricks to involve innocent people to their traps and are asking money for this. To be very short DO NOT TRUST them and never ever have a deal with man/woman or transsexual who'll offer to you such services. Everything this is fairy-tale and money trap. We asked one of our team members to make some deals with them (Thanks to him very much) and sent some e-mails to test "Their services". These persons a.k.a. fraudsters are using many different usernames like Kurt Russel, Russel Crow, GoldPoll recover team, Mike Tyson, HyipHelp etc. They are posting such junk everywhere, in user votes, program details, Facebook pages and are claiming that the only legit way to recover lost money is to deal with them.

We noted their e-mail(s) and sent test ticket and asked for help, by the legend, as an example we said that we were scammed by Bit2XP HYIP several days ago. The default answer has been sent back to us within several hours with some sheet created by 10 years old boy using windows 95 paint program where they are introducing themselves as "US Registered company". 2 days later, one of their "Representatives" sent an answer where he said that everything will be OK and that they have huge experiences in "Recovering lost money from HYIP". He included some junk sentences about Mutual Fund and certificate (designed by poor designer). Under no circumstances DO NOT click on any links provided by them, one of their links were redirecting to google drive and nobody knows what's included in that file (like they said it's some business plan who knows for what).

As we learned from their "F.A.Q" How much is the fees to start a recovery dispute?
1- Less than $50,000 35% fees.
2- $50,001 to $100,000 30% fees.

Do you understand what does it mean? For example: I am an investor who has an active deposit in Bit2XP of $100. Site went down and admin run-away for holidays. What the hell to do now? To recover my funds from one SCAM I need to send additional 35% ($35) to another SCAM to retrieve my $100. Sounds too good to be true right? We sent another test ticket to ensure that we understood everything correctly and thus we are ready to send additional $35 (Fee is 35%) to recover/retrieve our $100. They asked us to send money to their PM account number (MAM) strange name, why not MOM? and to be 100% sure and clear everything up and down, we sent one more e-mail to ensure that they are "Ready to begin recover process"...

Now you will have some knowledge base to not be tricked and scammed by these fraudsters who claims that they can "Recover your lost money from HYIP". Such people are all around us, and as we said before DO NOT trust to these people, everyone from Money Asset Management (MAM), HyipHelp, Recovermylostfunds, HYIPrecoverfunds, and tons and tons of cheaters wants from you as much $-s as possible. Ignore absolutely everything and anything related to "We will help you to recover your money from HYIP" it's impossible, don't be tricked and scammed by scammers, they are even worst than HYIP admins, or who knows maybe these dudes are HYIP admins themselves.

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