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TOP5 HYIP Programs of April

11 May, 2019

Hey guys, we hope that you are spending a wonderful time with your family and friends. I decided to spent it too with my family out of town, in the village near lake, but to be honest it is getting cold here and I can't believe that it's first half of May. Sometimes I think that November is coming rather than June. OK, enough lyrics and fashioned memories, time to get back to business. HYIP industry is still very slow, many users have abandoned it due to an abnormal amount of so called 1 day programs that are managed by totally newbie admins. Professional admins are gone for now, who knows what are they doing now but I am sure that they will come back starting from Autumn. Unlimited Wealth has been moved to Scam listing due to pending withdrawal request for more than 36 hours, do not invest there. One program is gone, another appeared. We added it just several minutes ago, please welcome: HYIP or also known as High Yield Investment Program, it is a sleeper program and admin wants to collect some days before opening it to general public. If and when this program will change design and plans, we will let you know and will create a review about it, but today, time has come to publish an updated reviews about TOP5 best programs of April. Are you ready guys? Here we go:

#1 Caribbean Dream or also known as Pirates LTD was added to Basic listing 311 days ago and program admin started an active promotional campaign now. Site legend says that the company Caribbean Dream is at the head of the investment holding, which includes more than a dozen subsidiaries, and the former captain of a snow-white little sailboat now manages an entire flotilla of ships capable of repelling the sea devil himself. Pirates LTD will offer two investment plans to choose from. Plan #1 Bitcoin Pirate offers 1% daily for 20 business days, all investments here must be made using Bitcoin, Plan #2 Pirate Plan offers same 1% daily for 20 business days but investments must be made using PerfectMoney payment gateway. Withdrawal requests are processed manually within 72 hours, but admin is processing them faster. The partner reward is accrued at your account automatically, after the account balance of the invited participants is replenished through payment gateway. The amount of reward may depend on your status in the system, by default you will receive 1%. At this moment, Pirates LTD is monitored by 36 well known and established monitoring websites. All of them are listing it as Paying and we don't have any bad reports, so everything should be fine. If you will have questions, feel free to contact admin and his team by going to their support page, not many options there but still it is OK. Technical aspects are great here. Pirates LTD is using custom written script that costs thousands of US Dollars, it is hosted on a dedicated server provided by CloudFlare Technologies, and it also has genuine and valid SSL certificate issued by GeoTrust EV, this certificate will expire in 5 months and 19 days. To make a final summary, this program looks great and has amazing design, I am a huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean and Pirates LTD reminds me that movie. But don't forget that it is HYIP and all these programs will disappear sooner or later, so think twice before making an investment.

#2 WeenZee or also known as WNZ, has been added to Premium listing 119 days ago. It has unique design, custom written script and well-made site legend. It says that to control something is to foresee it. That is why they created a self-learning trading network. Weenzee AI allows you to make successful trading transactions every second. The innovative trading system, which is based on constantly self-improving AI, allows the Weenzee community to anticipate the market situation and always be one step ahead. Weenzee offers very floating plans, something like from 0.79% - 0.89% to 1.00% - 1.05%. Everything depends on you; the higher amount of days will be selected the more profit will be generated. And the real show starts from now. At first look, WeenZee has a very complicated deposit system. You as an investor don't have any chance to simply invest and request, you need to do several more steps. Login to your WNZ account and navigate to right corner, click on Replenish button to transfer your real funds to WNZ account, don't forget to choose either USD - PerfectMoney or BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, DASH, ETC, XRP and ZEC, enter amount and click on Replenish button again, read further instructions and you will be redirected to another payment gateway. Once, you finished funding your WNZ account, click on Create portfolio button and do 4 steps: 1. Select an account (Funded), 2. Enter amount, 3. Choose the portfolio currency - By investing in WNZ you get an increased percentage, 4. Choose a portfolio period and hit Create portfolio button again. This is it guys, your first profit should appear after 24 hours. After that, you need to Sell WNZ units to USD and press on Withdraw red button. The minimum amount to start investing here is $10 and there is no maximum. Our advice is to test this system before making any bigger deposits and stick with 30 days plan, don't go beyond. All withdrawal requests are processed by support team manually within 72 hours. At this moment, WeenZee is monitored by 96 well known and established monitoring websites. If you will have any questions, feel free to contact their team by using either Telegram channel, Live chat or social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube. Technical aspects are perfect. WeenZee is using custom written script, SSL certificate is genuine and issued by CloudFlare Inc, it expires in 11 months and 27 days, WeenZee is also protected by CloudFlare Inc and it is using their power to deliver as much server up-time as possible.

#3 Grailum or also known as BitBoots was added to Premium listing almost 250 days ago and program admin purchased Sticky listing and all banner spaces here for 60 days almost immediately. Site legend is unique, it says that Grailum Ltd. want to be a front-runner developing and contributing with new technology to the ongoing Blockchain tech and offering new services to meet the end-user of the future and make it a better place for all. Before making a deposit, take a closer look at their investment plans. These plans are adjusted automatically, and investment level depends on an investment amount, here are all plans that you should know about: $50 - $1200 1.10% daily; $1200 - $2500 1.30% daily; $2500 - $7500 1.60% daily; $7500 - $15000 1.90% daily; $15000 - no limit 2.20% daily. The minimum amount to start investing is $50. All these plans don’t have expiry date, it means that if you will make a deposit today, next profit will be accrued after 24 hours till the end of life. Grailum LTD supports abnormal amount of payment gateways to choose from, want to know some details about them? Here they are: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Zcash, Litecoin, DASH, EOS, TRON, QTUM, OmiseGo, Icon, Decred, Aeternity, Augur, Dogecoin, Golem, Digibyte, BAT, Ox, Everex Token, FeatherCoin, Gnosis, Hyperstake, Namecoin, Pandacoin, Power Ledger, Peercoin, QUARK, Cryptonite, Primecoin, Paycoin, Zcoin. All withdrawal requests are processed instantly. If you don't want to spend own money, you can still earn some commissions from them. You can earn 5% on any deposit your referrals make to their Grailum account. At this moment, BB is monitored by 31 well known and established websites, all of them are listing it as Paying and we don't have any bad reports, so everything should be OK here. If you will have any questions, feel free to visit their support page. It is a custom page and it is prepared very well; this is another big plus to program. Technical aspects are great too. Grailum is using custom written script, BB is suing genuine and valid EV SSL issued by GeoTrust, it will expire in 1 year and 4 months.

#4 OilInv or also known as OI, has been added to Premium and then promoted immediately to Sticky position 51 days ago. Program admin have started an aggressive promo campaign from the very beginning. Site legend says that the world economy cannot run without oil, so it is often a good investment. You can buy an oil company’s stock or an exchange traded fund online with a few mouse clicks. OilInv offers 4 investment plans to choose from: 1). Plan A - $100.00 - $1000.00 Your daily profit is equal to 0.50% For a 200 days period; 2). Plan A+ - $1000.00 - $10000.00 Your daily profit is equal to 0.75% For a 200 days period; 3). Plan A++ - $10000.00 - $100000.00 Your daily profit is equal to 1.00% For a 200 days period; 4). Plan A+++ - $100000.00 and more Your daily profit is equal to 1.25% For a 200 days period. Please stick with first investment plan only and don't go beyond it, it is too dangerous. OI supports many popular crypto payment gateways at this moment, you can make a deposit using either Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Dash. Withdrawal requests are processed manually within 24 hours, but usually we are getting our profits within 12-16 hours or maybe earlier. At this moment, OI is monitored by 55 monitoring websites and all of them are listing it as Paying. If you are unable to find an answer on your question, simply contact their support team by support email or ticket system. Yes, you are right, unfortunately site has few support options to choose from. Technical aspects look good but could be better. Site is using licensed GoldCoders script, it has valid and genuine SSL certificate issued by Sectigo RSA, it will expire in 1 year and 1 months, site is hosted on a shared server, 15 other sites are using same host. Well, to make a final summary, as we said previously, OI has some chances to become something more than just a basic HYI Program.

#5 Alpha Intelect or also known as AI is a Premium class program, site was added to appreciate listing just 9 days ago. It has unique design and site legend. It says that AI was founded in 2017. It began its activity rapidly, which allowed it to achieve impressive results quickly. More than 2 years of experience in the creation and implementation of developments in the field of artificial intelligence. Now, to start receiving your daily profits and some extra cash, you need to create a deposit. Nothing hard, navigate to Balance page, choose Tariff "START", set account currency to either RUB or USD, choose payment system like AdvancedCash, Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin and Ethereum. AI has floating plans. The higher amount you will invest, the higher profit you will get. Starting from 2.5% - 3% - 3.5% to 4% per day for 365 calendar days. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly without any delays and this is a huge plus to program. The minimum amount required to start investing is about $3. So once again, even if you are a registered user, and your referrals replenish your account, all bonuses are burned if you have not opened your own deposit. AI is listed and monitored by 17 established and well-known monitoring websites. All of them are listing it as Paying and we don't have any bad reports at this second (Program is very new). If you will have any questions, feel free to contact their support team by Live Chat, ticket system or take a ride to their office but as we said several times, don't waste your time for nothing. Technical aspects are good. Alpha Intelect is using custom modified script, it has valid and genuine SSL issued by Sectigo RSA, it will expire in 10 months and 29 days, AI is hosted on a dedicated server with Anti-DDoS protection powered by Cover DNS.

These was all news for today guys. Please share this article if you like it and always remember that programs listed here are HYI programs and Thank You for reading our newsletter.

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